Plasma Station : WWE All Stars Review

WWE returns in the all new All Stars game staring Legends, and the superstars of today. THQ looks to spice things up with the wrestling series and start something new. Will it prevail and become the new series? Or is destined to be a quick cash grab title? No matter what, the wrestling fans will be happy to play as their old favorite legends and the superstars they enjoy watching today. With a new look and style it looks as if they are going to start something new. Focusing more on the “fake part” of wrestling this makes it feels like a more WWE title then ever. It’s a pick up and play game, which can be a problem since it expects you to know but after a few matches it’s a wonderful time. It’s original and is a great fun playing game with a true wrestling experience. The game is a top contender for wrestling games but has a few annoying ideas the developers should have fixed. In WWE All Stars there are 30 superstars to choose from (15 legends and 15 superstars). You have to unloc...

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