LOL: UK games trade magazine MCV falls for '3DS hed saver' april fools 3 days late

MCVUK is supposed to be one of the UK's most respected gaming trading magazines. It is dished out to many professionals within the industry and hosts a number of awards for the industry. So imagine the surprise and shock when they fall for a 3 days old April Fools day joke known as the 'Hed Saver' (a patch for 3DS headaches) and report it as REAL NEWS. They genuinely believe it is real, and towards the bottom of the aritcle they note - "We know what you're thinking. We're thinking it too. A late April Fools, right? Must be. Definitely. But you can order the things right now on the website..." No guys, you can't actually order it, it's a joke and says PRE-ORDER - LOL.

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