Game Preview: 5 Things You're Gonna Love About "InFamous 2" | Complex

If you were suddenly granted a superpower, what would you do? That's the question that Infamous asks—and the answer, at least if you're gruff protagonist Cole MacGrath, is to either be a jerk...or a huge jerk. That's OK, though; if you could suddenly shoot bolts of lightning from your fingertips, you'd probably opt to be a jerk too.

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Cloudberry2755d ago

Some of these are the first time I heard it.

You can get romantic with Kuo & Nyx, wow.

And the transfer power machine looks like a torture machine, lol.

TBM2755d ago

Gonna love it regardless since I loved the first game.

xstation792755d ago

Hopfully it won't be as boring as the first infamous

telekineticmantis2755d ago

not only is this some of the most unique gameplay, it's a awesome story. Until you get hit by a train and fall into the ocean you don't truly know how unique and awesome the gameplay is lol

shammgod2755d ago

Just another highly anticipated ps3 release for 2011, in the words of Bart Scott....CANT WAIT!