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Dragon Age: Origins had a lot going for it. It was the spiritual successor to Baldur’s Gate. It had a huge epic story that featured one of the best dark fantasy worlds seen in video games. The Blight was a serious force and evoked so much emotion out of the player. You weren’t really changing the world as much as just trying to keep it alive.

Less than 18 months later though and Dragon Age 2 is here. After the huge post launch support Dragon Age: Origins had, many people feared that this game was just a cash-in on Bioware’s newest franchise. Has Bioware made this a game for the ages or should it have remained at its origins?

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_EvilMonkey_2844d ago

played it, liked it. but I like the first one, it has a better story.

Lindsey2844d ago

I liked the story better in the 2nd one, but I like the pacing and atmosphere better in Origins.

PooEgg2843d ago

I could love this game a lot if not for the bugs and the cut and paste overuse of maps. These two things kill an otherwise wonderful game. At the same time the game had moments that were so heartwarming and moments that were totally heartbreaking. I am on the fence about a score for this game. If I was reviewing today I would give it a much lower score than 8.5, but if they patch the game I think this is a perfect good score.