CheatCC: 3DS Hardware Review

Cheat Code CC writes: "The 3DS is truly a leap forward for Nintendo and the gaming industry at large. Although Sony has led the charge for 3D gaming this generation, Nintendo is bringing it to the masses. Though $250 is certainly a steep price for a handheld system, the 3DS is worth every penny. The 3D is seamlessly implemented, the new UI features plenty of useful applications and a streamlined visual interface, and the bundled software, while not incredibly memorable on its own, works well at showing off exactly what we can expect from the 3DS in terms of features that can be implemented in other games. The 3DS is a tight little package, and one that is definitely worthy of being the next generation of Nintendo handhelds. Just make sure you don't get lost in the 3D visuals!"

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The trolls won't read 3DS all the way! :)