N4G October Contest

Contributors of the Month
The Contributor score is mostly determined by your number of approved news posts and the quality of the posts. The better the news post is the higher the bonus scores will be for each post. To improve your chances of winning please read the N4G News posting tips.

The prizes are as follow

First place: $500
Seccond place: $300
Third place : $200

Also all other contributors who get a top 10 rank for October receives $100 each

PS: We have this month replaced the hottest news post contest with 5 more prizes in the contributor of the month contest.

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MK_Red4028d ago

Hey great work. This way more people have chance of winning and hopefully, there is less chance of cheating.

N4G Rules.

DiLeCtioN4028d ago

youre right mk N4G does rule i just want to see the launched site gonna be much better than beta

Crazyglues4028d ago (Edited 4028d ago )

At least the logo looks cool - thought I would make it look 3D

deadshark14022d ago

here how do u play? amen wat da hell

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