Qore Episode 35 Tomorrow Features Portal 2, Valve Studio Tour, SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs, Brink

PS Blog: April’s going to be a busy month! To get you ready for some of the most anticipated titles this year, the Qore team circled around Seattle and then to London.

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GamerSciz2755d ago

QORE is in hindsight a really neat thing to have via Playstation. I like these behind-the-scenes look they offer and look forward to this episode as every game involved I am interested in!

BakedGoods2755d ago

Yeah, QORE definitely beats the wannabe-gamer shows on the XBLive. I can only watch Sgt. Nelson make a douche of himself so many times.

That being said, I like IGN Strategize. Maybe they can bring that over to PSN.

Giant_Chibi2755d ago

veronica belmont is so hot.

Plus her last name is belmont. Mmmh castlevania

LiL T2755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

6KCM-FFNC-9J47 for SOCOM beta if you wanna download it before tomorrow. Thats my KZ3 code, already using the ps plus beta.
No prob, Thank I need them I guess weak minded people get offended by my facts and now im down to three. bubs for you too.

thekiddfran2755d ago

Cheers dude, bubbles for you!

HOSe2755d ago

wow need a job at valve

supremacy2755d ago

Wait a sec werent these guys hacked by those hackers whats their name again?lol jk
but yes it is going to be a busy month thats for sure.

These so called hackers i tell you, anything to grab headlines,groupies i pity you all.

Now on a positive note, i am very much looking forward to socom 4.

GamerSciz2755d ago

Actually it was not which are a subdomain of the main domain. Even though the main domain was down the subdomain still remained fine.

supremacy2754d ago

I know, however isnt the blog part of the psn now? Like. Arent the two linked somehow? because if so, they didnt do anything to psn as far as i am concerned.

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