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We’ve seen the list several times on several different sites. We know that being “the chosen one” or embarking on a quest to save a damsel in distress is cliché in video games, and so do developers. Now, in an effort to separate themselves from these well-known and overused clichés, developers have started using new mechanics and new gameplay themes. Unfortunately, as the next generation of developers try the next generation of ideas, we have the next generation of video game clichés laid out before us.

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killyourfm2844d ago

I'll add one: Remember when you could enter a code to unlock all vehicles in a racing game? Now it costs you $14.99!

Quagmire2843d ago


Its funny (and sad) coz its true

Relientk772843d ago

7. Short Campaigns in Wake of Multiplayer
definitely for most shooters

Definitely agree with #1

DLC is complete BS its overcharged and usually not even that good

HBK6192843d ago

All but one on this list was absolutely spot on.

I don't really agree about the QTE thing, in fact I think it's actually starting to see a quiet death now.

But for the rest (especially no.1) they're all spot on and have it right. No.1 is the worst of the lot as it's just wrong to hold out that content so I have to pay $5-$10 to unlock it.

BShea2843d ago

Yeah, I would definitely say that QTE's have bowed out a little bit, but they are still very prominent in series such as God of War and were used ad naseum in Force Unleashed 2.

killyourfm2843d ago

and Vanquish if memory serves.

elite-shot2843d ago

Notice how half of those cliche's were ones in the cod series :/

Very well written btw!

SilverSlug2843d ago

Betrayal has been in gaming forever, in stories even longer (Shakespeare stuff).

I mean, Knuckles being betrayed by Eggman, MGS being betrayed by Naomi etc.

BShea2843d ago

I suppose "obvious betrayal" would've been a better way of putting it. As in, you know as soon as you mean someone in the game, you know they're going to end up stabbing you in the back.

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