The Voice - Episode 5 (by TNT Gaming Voice)

In the fifth episode of the official podcast from TNT Gaming Voice, Tim and Trevor discuss the hottest topics from the world of gaming.

In the first segment, they talk about the current games that they're playing including Dragon Age 2, Crysis 2 and they give you their initial impressions of the SOCOM 4 Beta.

The second segment is a lengthy discussion about their most anticipated games for the remainder of 2011.

The final segment is something new.  For the first time, they are answering YOUR questions!!!

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Persistantthug2807d ago

But I can't because You don't have an MP3 of it and you can't even stream it.

You guys need to do better. Use Youtube or JustinTV or Ustream if you have to.

MolemansNemesis2805d ago

Thank you for the feedback. We're obviously new to this and I think I just assumed everyone uses iTunes... That's the Apple snob in me. :) I'll definitely look into doing an MP3 version and / or streaming via YouTube.

Hang in there. We're constantly trying to improve...