GeoHot And ANON Are Potentially Ruining Lives

NextGN writes: "I am all for freedom. Whenever I hear of a battle between a corporation and an individual I am usually anti-corporation — however, something just isn’t right about the George Hotz (GeoHot) versus Sony case. I would normally be shouting obscenities at the corporation and explaining just how evil and money hungry they are — but, I just can’t do it in this case."

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_EvilMonkey_2758d ago

just think. if I invented a game console, why should I give it away to people who put no effort in my invention. seriously these guys need to focus on more important things, such as their lives, career, family, etc.

Dart892758d ago

*GeoHot And ANON Are Potentially Ruining Lives*.

Yea they gotta ruin the lives of other gamers just cuz they don't have one.

DarkSharky2758d ago

This jailbreak will potential bankrupt companies, which means people will lose their jobs, which means people can lose their homes.

Life ruining indeed.

Wanyal2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

Just like the iPhone jailbreak has ruined Apple's app ecosystem huh?

Oh, wait, it hasn't.

FiLTHY ESKiMO2758d ago


I didn't know that iPhone games had billion dollar budgets? I think a lot more is invested in software for the PlayStation and Xbox 360 than there is in the iPhone. You can not compare the two. It's like saying stealing a loaf of bread is the same as stealing someone's car.

Wanyal2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

@FilthyEskimo However, PS3 games are also not as easy to pirate. I would definitely be more inclined to pirate a ~5MB iPhone app than a PS3 game ranging between 9 and 50GB in size.

Piracy on the PS3 may be an issue, I'm not denying that, but this article in particular appears to be a little sensational (in the sense that it's just generating attention).

There have been countless occasions of developers closing (due to means other than Software Piracy) and other development companies forming in their place. Talent is not often wasted in this industry, and hell, this is assuming that jobs are lost as a direct response to piracy, which I believe is not going to happen very often.

This article also assumes that Hotz is only doing this to promote piracy, which he is not. Yes, piracy may be an unfortunate side effect, but its not solely the fault of Hotz and/or Anonymous, as Hotz actually built in code to his version of the custom firmware that somewhat prevented piracy.

theunleashed642758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

no sony teh! evil corporation must go down!! long live the hacker generation, down with the MAN!, anarchy for the win! (sarcasm).

Loner2758d ago

They potentially ruin the minds of blind corporation loving fanboys.Its pretty funny to watch

DarkSharky2758d ago

This has nothing to do with fanboyism or the console war. You enjoy video-games, don't you? Well, why don't you support the developers and buy your games instead of pirating games? The thing that you don't seem to understand is that this is effecting developers more than it's effecting Sony. Console sales will now sky rocket because of the hack--game sales will plummet. It really doesn't take a genius to figure this out.

For once, leave your petty console war crap out of this.

Have a nice day.

PimpHandHappy2757d ago

but looked 2c what he wrote for

I buy all forms of entertainment because i like to think the ppl that made it get paid.

This isnt about fanboys but a entire industry..

last time i care about "loner"

NeloAnjelo2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

Finally an Article that supports my view..." people may think that this case is all about people’s rights versus corporate greed, but they couldn’t be further from the truth..."... George Hotz is acting like a little brat that is trying to prove something to the world. Sure, George Hotz tried to explain his action on an interview with G4, but it basically sounded like he was saying “he did it because he could”.

He actually didn't do any of the work. But he easily took the credit and the spotlight. Support the Industry by purchasing the games.

PimpHandHappy2757d ago

was always about others.. He wanted to hack it because #1 he is soooo smart and he likes to show it off and #2 He wanted to share his hack because he was pissed so he sent it over the web

nothing he has done could be considered a simple mod to increase what the machine could be used for for simple personal enjoyment.

NeloAnjelo2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

Hotz first hack was using Linux... This was "hard to replicate and inconsistent" in the words of Fail0verflow. That's why Linux was removed. They are ones that discovered the private key (purely by accident). Hotz copied and pasted this to his blog. All facts.

He published it after the conference making it public knowledge. Why? Because he loves the spotlight. It was not his hack. For a guy that is talented he sure has no integrity. But i guess you see him as an underdog, a freedom fighter. What has he done for you? Sony has given you great gaming experiences. And have used that money to grow and invest in developers which creates jobs, innovation and better games.

Piracy negates all this. Again, Fact. The only thing he's ever done was cause the loss of Linux, and exposing the system to piracy. This spits in the face of honest gamers.

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