Interview with "The Anti-Gamer" Senator Leland Yee

Game Almighty recently had the chance to speak with Senator Yee about his views on the validity of games laws, as well as his views on everything from the effectiveness of the ESRB, and the place AO games have in the market, to the movie industry and their rating standards in relation to games.

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pwnsause4482d ago

this guy doesnt sound like a Jack thompson, he just wants to prohibit M rated game sales to minors. I think thats fair, then again i might lose bubbles for saying this.

X4482d ago

I agree. He even admits that he is against the AO ban since there are room for games that target adults. All he really appears to be asking for is to have a standard to which the games rating is enforced upon the sale. Meaning only an adult can purchase an adults only game. Makes sense to me.

This is a very good interview.

chester4482d ago (Edited 4482d ago )

i agree as well. but at the same time, with a ban on selling these games to minors, then no games should ever be rejected for being too violent. manhunt 2 is the prime example, obviously. companies should be selling games rated AO if they are going to be kept out of minors hands (on sale day).
of course the end result is more then likely going to be dumb parents buying the game for their kids without thinking twice, and that's where the problem is.

Umbrella Corp4482d ago

I agree Manhunt 2 was aimed for an adult audience.It should not have been banned for being "Too violent".

RunamukK4482d ago

This guy seems resonable. No sarcasm intended.

PlayStation3604482d ago (Edited 4482d ago )

This dude is not trying to ruin games for us, just trying to be fair. Nothing wrong with that.

xionpunk4482d ago (Edited 4482d ago )

its not so much that i think this guy is wrong, its just that i think its unfair for the government to decide who is mature enough to play a certain game. I have played m rated games since I was like 8 and I turned out just fine. To be honest, I think video games are just scapegoats, used to divert our attention from deeper social issues (The abundance of
$hitty parents in this country).
then again, i guess since their are so many $hitty parents someone has to
do something for the kids, not sure this is it.

poopface14479d ago

I agree with you there man, but more than likley M rated games when you were 8 were much less graphic and real looking. I mean when I was like 10 or whatever I played turok, games back then looked much worse than today. I thought that you already have to be 17 or 18 to by an M rated game.

BaMYouRDeaD4482d ago

This guy seems very reasonable and brings up some very good points.

He seems more like a friend to the gaming industry than an if only we could get good old Jackie to think like this guy.