Sony Music Unlimited Launching for Xperia, NGP, PSP

Sony has recently announced that their Music Unlimited will be accessible to a new range of devices, including the Xperia Play, PSP, and of course, the NGP.

Music Unlimited was launched in December in the UK. Powered by Qriocity, this service offers users access to over six million different music tracts from Sony, Universal, EMI, and Warner. Sony Network Entertainment CEO and executive vice president Shawn Layden confirmed that Music Unlimited would be available to PSP in a matter of weeks. Currently, this service is available for Bravia branded blu-ray players and televisions, along with the PlayStation 3.

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SuperStrokey11232755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

Hope they bring this to more territories.

sinncross2755d ago

Putting this onto PS Suite is the best way to get this onto NGP and Android devices through one avenue. Take into account that PS Suite is going to branch into new OS's then that is more devices for the service.

That said, Sony needs to put their ebook reader service onto PS Suite... would be great to have access to all of these things, especially on the NGP


zootang2755d ago

I Got my Xeria Play today, will have to try it out.

Ju2755d ago

Well...or NGP runs Android (at its core).

sinncross2755d ago

Kaz Hirai already confirmed that NGP doesnt run Android.

Kurisu2755d ago

How much is Music Unlimited? I've seen it on my PS3 XMB but do not what to sign up. I don't really understand it anyway lol.

Kurisu2755d ago

Alright, thanks :D May subscribe once I get an NGP :)

typikal822755d ago

I think there's a $4 plan also

I just updated my nephews psp and saw it was on there already. Pretty cool indeed.

typikal822755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

Disregard this post, acquire posting skills

Lindsey2755d ago

I wish some of these music services would get with it and start offering up some more indie music. There is a problem when these services don't even offer bands like Bring Me The Horizon or Portugal. The Man

typikal822755d ago

Supposedly Music Unlimited has a feature where it will scan your library on your PC and save it to your account. So when you tell it to play random stuff it wil play bands you like or have on your PC.

blusoops2755d ago

I don't understand this feature. If I already own the song, can't I just put the song on my psp, ngp, iPhone, ps3, etc?

Why do I need this service?

Close_Second2755d ago

I think it has potential however, Sony need to partner with ISPs so you dont get double hit for the music and broadband usage.

Masterchef20072755d ago

Nice to see that it will work with the NGP cant wait to see what services they will bring to it.

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