OXM UK: Hunted: The Demon's Forge Preview

OXM: "There's a flash of worry when you watch the intro cinematic to Hunted. In the middle of the sweeping shots of the Tolkienesque fantasy landscape, a large-chested lady does an erotic dance against a black background.

Here we go, you think. A game that's taking that classic lazy route - chucking boobs around. But the second Caddoc and E'lara start talking, you realise it's fine."

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dirigiblebill2845d ago

I think this could be one of 2011's sleepers. Nice vibe, good sense of pace and a good spread of combat/puzzling options. I'd still buy Skyrim first though.

trainsinrdr2845d ago Show
HammockGames2845d ago (Edited 2845d ago )

@ d'bill. Agreed. Looking forward to seeing what comes from reviews & such before I buy, but definitely keeping an eye on this one.

@ trainsinrdr - Seriously? How'd you get down to 1 bubble to begin with? Perhaps try toning it down on whatever it was that got you there. Crazy thought, aye ;0)?