GAMER-0 # 58: Just Too Many FPS’s?

T-Hill writes: In this episode of GAMER-0 I pose the question are there just too many FPS games coming out and I give my impressions on Moon Diver. I hope you enjoy the new weekly VGChartz segment…it’s gonna get better over time.

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NYC_Gamer2781d ago

main reason why my game collection is real low this gen

bozebo2781d ago

I have er... 9 console games this gen.

I had about 40+ ps2 games, 20+ xbox games and 10+ GC games last gen.

It's not just shooters, but games in general are just worse this gen. What happened to platformers? There are also less adventure and rpg games worth buying.

Phantasm2781d ago

For some gamers yes... For me no. Advice to developers... Concentrate less on multiplayer, and focus more on a deep lengthy story based shooter.

I want my Half-Life 3 already Valve!

zeal0us2781d ago

Not enough good ones too many bad ones

Boody-Bandit2781d ago

I will start the list of good ones
BFBC2 (online)

bozebo2781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )

bfbc2 is great but it could have been far better, so much infact that it cannot be classed as good :P A BF game will never be as good as it should be because they are always wanting to release the next one before they care about finishing the current one. Hence the massive library of bugs on launch and severe balance issues they always have. Hopefully 3 changes things but I doubt it.

Reach was good, but in the same way that odst, 3, 2 and CE were good lol. Same goes for CoD except with added buggyness.

The next proper good FPS will be whatever Valve are moving onto after Portal 2. Probably not CS because it would be less of a step up from source than source was from the original... (though maby it would fix the hit reg?) and everybody would still only play dust2

I want something new to come out similar to Farcry, that was a fantastic fps - multiplayer and single player.

Cloudberry2781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )

An example of full course months of Killzone 3, Bulletstorm, Homefront, Crysis 2, Battle: Los Angles, etc, in a row.

Which FPS game is the best is based on anyone's preference.

Noted that I don't have any qualms about FPSs but I very rarely played them either, because FPS is not my genre of choice.

So I don't have those titles I already mentioned as I succumb myself in YAKUZA 4.

PS: Possibly the "only" FPS I would like to try is Resistance 3 in September.

PSS: I remember Hip Hop Gamer review of YAKUZA 3...

I think... He like YAKUZA 3 so much, that he's doing a handstand in his video, lol.

I don't know, I'm probably seeing things lol.

bozebo2781d ago

no, im still waiting for another good fps to come out.