Is SOCOM 4 getting stale? (A true and honest opinion)

Zipper, please get some more classic modes in this game, because four really aren’t going to cut it. We had so many more choices and dynamics in previous SOCOMs that increased the games longevity, and you just took that all away. Confrontation was a buggy mess and had its major flaws, but we still put in thousands of hours into that game. Why?

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stonecold32755d ago ShowReplies(4)
goodfellajay2755d ago

yes...and i wrote for real like i wrote..i love socom..but this is not socom

news4geeks2755d ago

wow, you actually wrote more than 2 paragraphs for a change. This must have taken you all week to do.

goodfellajay2755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

no i write alot more you do is stalk me...but its ok...good to see you

Highlife2755d ago se....damn...dots...WTF...

ThanatosDMC2755d ago

I agree. But i'll get the game for co-op and not for the competitive multiplayer.

PS-_-GAMER2755d ago

UR Gonna Die in 15 Weeks?, why whats Wrong?

trainsinrdr2755d ago

my bread is getting stale i must finish it quick

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2755d ago

It's pretty fun to me. Getting this mainly for the sp though. The talk about the musical score got me interested. And I like stealth action games. But so far the multiplayer is legit.

Visari2755d ago

Sounds like someone was getting owned in the beta. I've been a Socom fan since the beginning and to me Socom 4 is even better than the others as far as the multiplayer goes (well the multiplayer beta anyways). Zipper knows what they're doing with this game but of course there will be those butthurt "fans" who'll cry about every minor thing regardless of how good or bad it is. And yes, this IS a Socom game. Just because you suck at the new Socom doesn't mean it's not still a Socom game.

mrsGamer2755d ago

no i think if u read it..goodfellajay is saying it does not have the same modes..only vip or that so hard for you to see..dude how could someone get owned in this ez game..

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2755d ago

There's more than four modes isn't it? Suppression, uplink, bomb squad and a couple others I forget the names of. They rotate the game modes everyday. I think theirs only four a day. Plus there's classic and normal versions of them.

creatchee2755d ago

@Visari - if you've played since the beginning, you would know that this is not SOCOM. I've logged over 4000 hours across the series. Many of my friends since the early part of last decade have done the same or more. They say the same thing - this is SOCOM responding to Call of Duty. Which is fine in some ways, but when you change what a game is at its core, you no longer have the same game that was known and loved by its community. But whatever - it's not the first game to jump the shark and it won't be the last. I just wish that it didn't...

BattleAxe2755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

I agree 100%. I've been a fan of the series ever since Socom 2 came out, and after playing the beta I feel like this series is dead. I'll be waiting for the next Ghost Recon game to get my TPS fix, because I can't bare to play a game where the developers refused to listen to their loyal community, and instead decided to make CoD/MAG lite. The majority of the people saying great things about this game are not true fans of the series, but rather they are just being blind fanboys because its coming out exclusively on PS3. These are the people that are helping to ruin the series.

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