French videogame charts : EA wins, no 3DS games

Big week for video game sales in France with an obvious winner : Electronic Arts. This success is made by two games Crysis 2 and The Sims Medieval. No 3DS game has entered the top 5.

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akaFullMetal2753d ago

Weird that the 3ds isn't just taken off, I know it early but feels like the ds had a better launch..

macky3012753d ago

what is weird is it is so overpriced,.. 250 is stupid enough for it,.. and it is like 370usd in Europe,.. And launch games are kinda shitty also,.. Streetfighter is kinda cool,.. but then again I can play it on consoles or PC,..
But then again Paper Mario is coming ,..

Masterchef20072753d ago

The 3DS doesnt have a good selection of launch games yet so i am not surprised that people are not buying 3DS games. Most people buy the 3DS for future titles such as Resident Evil, Kid Icarus, Zelda Orcania of Time, Paper Mario and more. Even if you buy a 3DS now you still have a big selection of DS games to play until the hot 3DS titles come out.

matey2753d ago

crysis 2 will come to 3ds as crytek has been shown a very powerful piece of graphic hardware on the 3ds by a senior nintendo rep and was very impressed and said the 3ds can run cry engine no problem so crysis 2 on 3ds make it happen Crytek/EA imagine how many units that would sell try every 3ds that sells will almost guarentee a sale of crysis 2 3ds who cares anyway the 3ds will be massive when mercenaries/driver/starfox/kid icarus all come out on the same day in 5 weeks lets see what happens then

matey2753d ago

3DS hasnt got even close to PC/360/PS3/Wii/DS/DSI install base so its abit silly comparing the most ambitious game on a console to 3DS day 1 launch games what a joke well at least it got SSF4/PILOTWINGS in the top 10 thats not bad when u consider install base of PC is about 100 million plus and 47 million ps3's and 44 million 360 users add that togeather its about 200 million people now u cant compare a multi-plat game on them 3 to a 3DS with a few million install base can u.