Sony's Broken Promises: Why new PS3's no PS2 BC is great for Sony but terrible for Playstation fans

Level Up's N'Gai Croal writes:
"Last week, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe announced that on October 10th, it would release a new 40 gigabyte Playstation 3 for 399 euros. The company further said that it was cutting the price of its 60 gigabyte model from 599 euros to 499 euros. However, it's essential to read the fine print: the 40 gigabyte model will have no backwards compatibility with PlayStation 2 games. Zip. Zero. Nada. (We asked a Sony Computer Entertainment America spokesperson for comment about the world's worst kept secret: whether we would have to buy Andre "Ozymandias" Vrignaud a steak dinner whether there were plans to release the 40 gigabyte model in North America; we were told that SCEA had nothing to announce at this time.)"

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squallsoft4484d ago

im glad I picked up my 60gig model when i did. i love playin the old ratchet and clanks on my ps3. Im all for the BC. heck, i even still play the old psone games on my ps3...

HowarthsNJ4484d ago

If BC is what people wanted, they already got it last Nov.

SWORDF1SH4484d ago (Edited 4484d ago )

bc isnt important anymore because the ps3 as a strong line up and who want to play on last gen games when you got the current gen console. did anybody play on ps1 games on the ps2? and if you buy a ps3 youre ps2 aint magically gonna disapear. the fact is anybody trashin the 40g for that are tryin to give sony bad press again. end of story

@gamesisfornerds. youre in the small minority. why should sony cater for you. people want a cheap console so there giving it them. most people who are gonna buy a ps3 will have a ps2. if they dont have a ps2 then there more than likely dont care about ps2 games

Gamingisfornerds4484d ago (Edited 4484d ago )

I myself am still planning on getting a PS3 and BC is a must. I've never owned a PS2 so getting a PS3 with BC is a great way of playing some of the PS2 classics I've missed out on, and at a good price as well!

All these people claiming BC is obsolete are just trying to defend Sony's POOR CHOICE OF PRIORITY. BC is a must for many people out there!

The 60GB is a great deal as well, but atm I'm not considering one as there are some great 360 games going to release this year that are top priority first. Then I can start looking at a PS3 as some interesting titles release and I have some money to spend again.

But if Sony's going to phase out the 60 GB model then I might only be able to get a PS3 without BC, and if that's the case I won't get a PS3 at all!
I will not be rushed into getting a 60GB model because Sony decides to phase out BC on the PS3!

ip-student4484d ago (Edited 4484d ago )

Gaming... you hit the nail on the head - bubble for you.

What I don't like is that Sony basically lied about this. First Sony said BC is an important differentiator - that is why you should buy our system instead of the MS system - because we believe in and provide BC. Then Sony downgrades and then cuts it out. Sure, you can buy the more expensive system but this move basically says that we no longer care about our prior users - at least not at a price point that they most likely can afford.

Now, if you could add the BC back in by later buying a piece of hardware then I would say it is a choice - buy now or buy later. But cutting it out with no chance of adding - it just seems cold.

But from a business side Sony needs to do something and cannot afford the cost of the $400 PS3 yet so any cost they can avoid per console is critical. I love the price reduction - it puts pressure on MS (the pressure would be a lot greater if more good PS3 exclusive games were out). And games are still the problem. $400 is not really an attractive price (it is definitely an early adopter price) and the games are still in process. I suspect it is going to be a tough holiday for Sony and the gap will widen by about two million between October 1 and the end of December.

EZCheez4483d ago

If you've never owned a PS2 then you HAVE to get a PS3 with BC because you are missing out on some of the greatest games ever made.

Honestly, I didn't know there were people alive that didn't own a PS2. How could you not own one?

MikeGdaGod4483d ago

at least in the US, there will always be two sku's. one with bc, one without. if bc is important to you, buy the more expensive model. this is not hard to figure out.


ReBurn4483d ago

I'll bet that you're wrong. Sony changed the PS3 to create the 40gb model to reduce manufacturing costs. Components were removed. I'm betting right now that they have stopped producing the motherboard that allows for BC and when the current stock of PS3's with BC is gone there won't be any more.

Think about it, they've already stopped making 60gb models. In North America the 80gb box says that it is a limited edition. I bet that after the holidays you see Sony go to a configuration where there is no BC at all. Running two different types of production facilities making two types of motherboards and two types of cases to hold them is a lot of costly overhead.

Gamingisfornerds4483d ago (Edited 4483d ago )

...they're not leaving us a choice anymore. If I'm not mistaking, Sony recently announced that they will be phasing out the 60GB model in Europe and since there's no 20GB model here either that leaves us with just one option: The 40GB model WITHOUT BC.

If that's the case, then that's just plain idiotic! If they introduce the 80GB model here to 'replace' the 60GB model and offer the same (imo pretty damn good) deal as with the 60GB model currently, then that's fine by me.

But as of now, Sony is basicly saying to Europe:
"Buy a 60GB PS3 which includes BC quickly before they've run out of stock or you'll be stuck with a 40GB PS3 without BC!"

And that's the attitude I'm not really digging, to put it mildly!

@EzCheez: Unless you have all the gamingplatforms out there, you're always going to miss out on some great classics. ;)

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MK_Red4484d ago

I really think Sony doesn't have a great strategy. First they defend BC so much and then totally remove it. They should have either released $400 PS2 BC-less 40Gb in the first place and the first and only model back in 2006 or have kept the BC even in the new model.

pwnsause4484d ago

yea they seriously dont, infact they should of went for software BC before they launched the system. that would have been a cheaper option for them before launch. but I guess they didnt. hopefully someday in the future they can bring PS2 Software BC back to the 40gb PS3.

tethered4484d ago (Edited 4484d ago )

@ MK_Red
You said:
"First they defend BC so much and then totally remove it."

They haven't totally removed it.
Its still there in the 60 and 80GB models.

Basically they are saying you have the option of buying a 40GB without BC for less than a 60 or 80GB with BC.

See its not totally gone.
Choices....... don't ya love em?!

lonestarmt4484d ago

well red, you still have a choice, There still is the other SKU with BC. They are just giving options out there. They had to cut cost somewhere to lower it. Where would you rather have it? Wi-fi, HDMI? blu-ray? then they would really be eating their own words. I think that if they had to get rid of something to cut cost they did the best thing. Besides they are thinking all the ps2 owners want to upgrade, so they already have a ps2.Looking at there really isn't any great ps2 games coming out anymore, its ok.

MK_Red4484d ago

I understand what you guys mean but I really think a single model from beginning would have been much better.

xc7x4484d ago

your statement makes no sense,how is it not a good strategy? everyone gets what they want. not everyone wants backward compatibility when most users already have it owning a PS2. if you must have it,i think it's mentioned a thousand times by everyone on the net just to buy the 80gb version,get a clue

UnasFortuna4484d ago

The BC is not gone. It is gone in the new available model... not the only model... You can't start a flamewar on this issue. If you want BC, you have to shell out a little more money like the rest of us did. Sony isn't going back on their word... for there are still models capabable of BC. Just as the other companies have done.. they are giving the consumer more options and a cheaper route to get into the still amazing PS3. Nothing they have done to the new model have affected its technology or performance. oohhh...two less USB,, oohhh... no BC.... Like MS doesn't offer different models... Besides, I wouldn't be surprised if Sony does focus a team on the software resolution for BC (just as MS has done) in the future once they have focused on getting the basics on the PS3 taken care of (more games, extending their PSN, Home, etcc).

ReBurn4483d ago

Red's right in my opinion. For everyone going on about choice, that choice is going to go away unless Sony releases BC via full software emulation. Sony has already said that Europe will no longer have BC once the 60gb model is gone there. The 60gb is nearly gone in the US and the 80gb is a limited edition.

If you think it through to the logical conclusion, Sony's hardware revisions will become standard across the product line. There may be multiple SKU's with different hard drive sizes, but as far as the motherboard goes the one with no BC hardware is the future for the PS3.

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Kururo4484d ago

It has already been confirmed to be released in America.

I honestly don't see a problem with this.

399 Euros for a 40gb ps3, no ps2 play back

99 Euros for a ps2

499 Euros for a 60gb ps3, has ps2 play back

goodganja4484d ago

Sony is all about the customer. They're the only company that listens to their buyers unlike another Green company. They will but BC emulation on 40gb's for sure...BELIEVE THAT.

I got 60gb so i dont care really

Jump Out & P L A Y B 3 Y O N D

nasim4484d ago

PS3 is a complete package. You have Blu-ray player,free online , wifi,HDMI 1.3 support

garbage box 360 has none of these and yet charges customers the same price (elite) as the 60gig ps3.

elite has no next gen DVD player. has a 2$ old dvd drive

elite has no wifi...just 44% BC support and no HDMI 1.3 support.

Just to let all VIRAL MARKETERS know that we are fully with SONY and we dont need BC.

MS ---how low do u stoop???

duping innocent xbots with a 100% low powered and defective console and then charging people for useless online with 2D text achievements. Have you no shame Bill gaates and VIRAL MARKETING GANG

mastermindnate4483d ago

Take your stupid immature fanboyism somewhere else. Leave the comments for the grown ups.

dale14484d ago

i already have a 60gb model but at £299 iv,e just order the 40gb one from game for the bedroom as well, cheap as chips