FINAL FANTASY V coming to PlayStation Network

FINAL FANTASY V is coming to the PlayStation Network as a PSOne Classic. I'm particularly pleased to announce this, as V happens to be one of my favourite entries to the series, with its incredible expansion of FINAL FANTASY III's job system and, best of all, a main character with a pet Chocobo. The PSOne version of the game has full FMV cutscenes and features old-school FINAL FANTASY combat using the Active Time Battle system.

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Dart892781d ago

Yes i guess square is trying to win some of thier fans back by releasing they're old school games.

RedDead2781d ago

?? They've been re-releasing them continuously for the last 10 years. FF4,5 and 6 were also on ps1 and Gba and NDS(4 anyway), Wii marketplace and PSP soon too. FF4 is out every few years.

hay2781d ago

Where's my FFV DS remake? Cheap bastards.

mightyboot2781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )

3DS/NGP ver. remake incomming maybe?

stragomccloud2781d ago

Wasn't there only the intro fmv cut scene, and the ending fmv cutscene?

Whackedorange2781d ago

Gimme FF VI with kefka and company with up to date graphic and i will forget everything you ever have done Square

Der_Kommandant2781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )

I want the best FF game ever

Final Fantasy VI

mightyboot2781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )

Its just right the corner O_O lol

I wanna know why Chrono Trigger isnt also included as well from the FF anthology colec. edition that came in the same package. It had 2 discs - 1 was FFV and the other one was Chrono Trigger (PS1 remastered)

SuperStrokey11232781d ago

Man i so want remakes of FF6 and CT. Instant buys for me. I would buy any console taht got a remake of those in an instant.

DigitalAnalog2781d ago

It's the only one I really want it to be remade in 3D!

-End statement

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