Will battlefield 3 really be any different from bad company 2? (and leaked release date!)

Sdgamer writes: "With the leaked release date of 2/11/11, Sudogamer asks – will battlefield 3 be that much different to bad company 2? The trailer’s make it look so much like a ‘facelift’ of Bad Company 2, and Medal Of Honour (which was also a carbon copy of BC2, in its multiplayer)."

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jeseth3118d ago

Will Call of Duty ____ really be any different than Call of Duty ____?

captain-obvious3118d ago

i think BF3 is going to be like if BFBC2 and BF3 had a baby
then it would be BF3

because you cant deny BFBC2 was a ground breaking game and so is BF2

and DICE is going to take the best from each

TeaDouble_E3118d ago

No it wont

Its only gonna have new maps and new engine. Developers stated consoles will have smaller map and less plyers online. PC is the only way to play Batlefield not consoles.

jriquelme_paraguay3118d ago

lol... WTF happen with titles...
Questions as titles?


sourcream273118d ago

The date says 2/11/11.....Uh isnt that feb 11, 2011? didnt that date already past?

herukuti3118d ago

the date translated for americans is nov.2nd 2011

loobtube3118d ago

day/month/year Format in europe and month/day/year format in the US

jim2wheels3118d ago

Like most things, they just can't resist meddling with things that don't need changing.

azurechaos3118d ago

@jim- Using a cultural norm that we've been accustomed to our entire lives is meddling? I'd appreciate a little less condescension.

jim2wheels3118d ago (Edited 3118d ago )


Yes, you are probably right. I guess it's part of the US creating it's own identity. Surely you would agree that it would be easier in a business sense that we all used one system?

I'm currently studying accounting - and I can't tell you how annoying it is that the US change/have different terms on almost everything we do. Things that have been around for hundreds of years. Progress is good - but not always necessary.

Mmmkay3118d ago

the US need to have everything their own way it seems. measuring units even. even in effin sports. they sucked at pretty much all there was so they invented their own which no one else cares about. baseball, football, nascar.. lol

azurechaos3118d ago

Sure, it would make it easier if things were all consistent. Unfortunately, none of us are the ones who started using the terms/conventions, that's just always how it's been for us.

It is typically what happens though when cultures branch off and start developing anew, they breed new terminology and quirks that differentiate them from the parent culture.

azurechaos3118d ago


Invented their own sports, which millions of people in the states love is somehow in itself bad? Do I really have to start naming off sports isolated to other countries that people there love to play? Cultures evolve, and that's not necessarily a bad thing.

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EL Lanf3118d ago

Seems fake to me anyway, as far as I was aware of, games don't come out on wednesdays, as far as I'm aware of, games come out on thursdays in mainland Europe, and Friday in the UK.

Mmmkay3118d ago

games release every day of the week in the free world. :)
wed in us
fri in uk

2fk3118d ago

Of course....prone, better graphics, more guns than bfbc2, and more and better DLCs

sudogamer3118d ago

"more guns" and "better DLCs" - does (and has) never made for a better game, though. .?

Jets, however. . :-)

Raendom3118d ago

I'm calling it now BF3 = not better than BF2. BattleFIELD 2, not BC2 (no doubt it's going to be better than BC2).

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