Go! Gaming Giant: Swarm Review

From the review:

"Did you ever play Pikmin and wish you could just squish and maim the cute little buggers? Well, with the recent release of Swarm, now’s your chance! Okay, so maybe these aren’t the colorful little Nintendo characters and you’re not Captain Olimar, but the blue, rotund Swarmites are a good alternative. And although you need to keep them alive to complete various missions for you, you’re going to lose a heck of a lot of them, oftentimes on purpose. Even the main menu lets you take a crack at killing Swarmites as much as your sadistic heart desires."

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omicron0092756d ago

Swarm looks pretty fun, might give it a go

RaymondM2756d ago

I ALWAYS wanted to smash all the pikmin! I thought that was just me tho