Dead Island Achievements & Trophies Revealed

One of the most talked about games in recent months, Techland’s Dead Island made a sizable splash with the recently released CGI trailer. Though no official release date has been announced for the game, it’s expected that Dead Island will arrive later this year, and with that Electronic Theatre today brings you the full list of Achievements set to feature in the game.

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tigertron2779d ago its about time we saw some gameplay!

I_find_it_funny2779d ago

hope they can deliver after the trailer

antz11042779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

...which the company has said will be nothing like the game.

Even this list seems half-assed having pictures and names, but no score or how to get it. Lame. Hoping for gameplay soon as well!

GrieverSoul2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

The lack of real gameplay is disturbing.

The game wont live to the hype of the trailer and they know that. I also believe they didnt knew the trailer would sprout that much attention towards the game. Being in their shoes right now is a place where I wouldn´t want to be. They need to stay cool and release some gameplay. Clear their head out the trailer hype and just put out what they got. Hopefully its good enough to be a success.

Active Reload2779d ago

People need to stop setting their expections so high. Especially when no gameplay has been shown.

trainsinrdr2779d ago

wat is this a horror game, adeventure game?

DanSolo2779d ago

dunno mate..... They are not saying yet.... or showing..... its getting a bit annoying now to keep getting crap information!

From what someone said in an article earlier today though, they said after playing a preview copy somewhere that it felt a bit like Borderlands....

rdgneoz32779d ago

I've heard Borderlands, L4D (co-op and some of the baddie types), and Dead Rising (weapon creation system) a bit.

DanSolo2779d ago

Yeah I think that was probably the same article I read earlier.... I only remembered the Borderlands bit though!

Hisiru2779d ago

Errr... where is the gameplay video?

OtherWhiteMeat2779d ago

I'm starting to get bad vibes from this game.I really hope the developers prove me wrong.

DanSolo2779d ago

They need to either shut up about it or start showing some actual gameplay footage and show a little bit about what the game is about.... as I think the whole "teasing with little bits of information" bit is gona start to have a negative effect..... unless of course the game turns out to be amazing as then it won't matter!

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The story is too old to be commented.