Are Sony Already Falling Miles Behind Microsoft In The Next Generation?

Hooked Gamers writes:
In the famous Aesop’s Fable, The Ant and The Grasshopper, it was the ant that prospered in the end due to its foresight and hard work. With the way things are lining up, could we see a repeat of this between Sony and Microsoft?

With all the HD remakes on Sony’s PS3 at the moment, I cannot help but wonder whether this retro remake focus of Sony’s will be a future regret. Yes, we all love that we can play games without screwing our eyes over nowadays with our beautiful HD screens. And yes we are going through a retro-loving phase at the moment as my generation get nostalgic about those games we played as kids. But where is this taking us really? Nowhere, that’s where.

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jriquelme_paraguay2753d ago

Are Articles with Stupid Questions as Titles Dumb?

zootang2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

Seems to me that microsoft is. The 360 has a camera and DVD just like the PS2. The next xbox might have Blu Ray and a motion controller like the PS3.

plb2753d ago

I don't think MS will have BR..they'd have to pay Sony...

guigsy2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

If you read the article is basically says that Microsoft are already showing signs of investing in next-gen technology while Sony seems too focused on the PS3 and PSP2. Seems like a fair point to me, the PS3 is more future-proof than the 360 so it's more likely that Microsoft will launch their next console before Sony do.

Not the best title, but typical of people to counter-argue the article before they even read it.

Biggest2753d ago

Here is a counter point. If neither company has released a new console, how can one be falling behind the other? Didn't have to read the article to come up with that one. What has Microsoft shown that seems more future oriented than Sony? Microsoft just allowed more room on DVDs for games. Sony had BluRay on the PS3 from the beginning. Microsoft started making all new consoles with hard drives last year. Sony did it from the beginning. Sony added "Cloud" saving for PS+ members. Microsoft has not. Sony has multiple developer studios. Microsoft has very few. I personally do not think that Sony's ability (I call it ability because they lose no ground because of it) to release remasters and remakes of older games means that they are falling behind anything. I think it means that they can appease older fans while making new fans, and at the same time introducing new material that is bound to create even more new fans.

JeffGUNZ2753d ago

If you read the article, you'd see. He is pointing at the fact that the unreal engine was presented, lionhead studios showed their new graphic features, and that micrsoft continues to show postings for next-generation hardware. His article is actually good. It shows that some of what is happening in the industry could be indicative of what is going to happen sometime in the near future. I will wait to make any assumptions until E3. I know Microsoft keeps stating that this year, 2011, will be the best year for hardcore gamers. If they drop the ball at E3, then that's another story.

Focker4202753d ago

MS is investing in the technology we have today, Sony will be investing in the technology we have 2 years from now. 2 years is a really long time as far as technology is concerned.

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TBM2753d ago

I'll be holding off on purchasing M$ next gen console personally myself.

It took them 5yrs to actually make their systems wireless. They're still rocking the push out tray for their games lol.

Sony as a tech company thought ahead so I believe that they are good for the foreseeable future.

jetlian2753d ago

wireless wasn't nearly as big. I got 20 gb ps3 the only 1 without wireless. And why sony still using g when n is out?

trays better. if the system breaks you can pull your games out

nycrekid2753d ago


if you are worry about your system breaking and rationalize that the old tray system is better because of this then I would say the product you speak of is unreliable.

jetlian2753d ago

all things break at some point. my friend just got 60gb ps3 back.

TBM2753d ago

Tray also marks up the disks so that's not a plus in my eyes. As for the g vs n I don't even think its that big a deal really my 60gig was doing just fine with my n router.

I nearly lost my elite on 3 different occasions because I had to have the stupid system wired with ppl tripping over it, before they finally release that expensive a$$ wireless adapter.

jetlian2753d ago

124 games no scratches. g won't work in my situation 2 floors down

TBM2753d ago

Well Jet your one of the lucky ones, not everyone is the same as you I know a few of my games got nicked up and I don't even move my system.

As for g I guess it depends on situation; it works in my family when I go to visit my uncle who lives upstairs while the router is in my brothers room downstairs back of the house.

jetlian2753d ago

some little online bitches took my bubble lol

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Christopher2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

It's articles like this that make it hard to come to N4G.

*** it was the ant that prospered in the end due to its foresight and hard work***

Let's see, how many more games is Sony making on its own compared to Microsoft?

***With all the HD remakes on Sony’s PS3 at the moment***

And only to the PS3 it seems with Perfect Dark HD and RE4/Veronica HD on the 360? Let alone that the majority of remakes are third-party titles and on the PS3 because of Blu-ray and no other reason.


Seriously, people, stop approving crap articles like this. You're ruining N4G.

Jazz41082753d ago

Its not that g doesn't work its just that n is the more advanced tec. Same with dvd9 vs bluray.

frostypants2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

I guess Microsoft's elimination of 1st party studios, lack of intriguing software, and recent complete allegiance to gimmick technology that Nintendo already dominates are just signs of their amazing foresight?

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Butt0n_m4sher2753d ago

I think you got the analogy backwards... Microsoft is the one that jumped the gun and released their console all early... Sony would be the ant with the wisdom and foresight

The Meerkat2753d ago


MS were not early. Sony were late due to issues with the GPU.

GarandShooter2753d ago

So, Sony being late caused RRoD. Got it. Thanks for clearing that up.

pixelsword2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

Meerkat is correct: Sony did push-back the release date for quality control issues. According to a writer who's name I can't recall (but will look up) Microsoft went ahead with releasing the 360 even though they knew there was some quality issues not worked out yet.

Gimmie some minutes and I'll see if I can't find that writer.

Update: Dean Takahashi

doG_beLIEfs2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

In reality it was the Blu-ray laser diodes that were the reason for the delay....but thanks for the fox news version. Cool story bro


It was several people on the 360 team that told MS the 360 was not ready for production....MS ignored them and went ahead anyway figuring that they could fix problems later and that being 1st was more important. In many ways they were right....even to this day a die hard 360 fan will defend the rrod.

mrv3212753d ago

Certain models of the Xbox 360 didn't have wireless, HDMi, hard disk. The

Ipod touch
All have wi-fi.

And your saing microsoft didn't jump the gun?

newn4gguy2753d ago

You 20 GB PS3 didn't have wi-fi.

I'm on your side here, but still.

pixelsword2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

@ doG_beLIEfs:

Yeah, that's pretty much what the link I provided said :D

hay2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

Well, it's good they delayed, MS should too.
Imagine both console plagued by serious technical issues. There would be only Wii worth having... Doom!

Biggest2753d ago

"You 20 GB PS3 didn't have wi-fi."

That was completely your choice.

"MS were not early. Sony were late due to issues with the GPU."

If that is how you prefer to look at it. . . Cool! Some extra time to make a reliable system would have done Microsoft and its customers a favor.

Oner2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

The Xbox 360 WAS early. They purposely rushed to market more than the PS3 was delayed to market ~

"...MS was so focused on beating Sony this cycle that the 360 was rushed to market when all indications were that it had serious flaws. The design qual testing was insufficient and incomplete when the product was released to production. The manufacturing test equipment had major gaps in test coverage and wasn't reliable or repeatable. Manufacturing processes at eall levels of suppliers were immature and not in control. Initial end to end yields were in the mid 30%. Low yields always indicate serious design and manufacturing defects. Management chose to continue to ship anyways, and keep the lines running while trying to solve problems and bring the yields up."

Source -

And for a much better read with inside info about how MS knew about these issues and didn't care for the customer (only about market share) just download this PDF ~

Also look into "planned obsolescence" and what it means to see how it coincides with MS's business model to understand that they are more vested into themselves than the customer or offering a quality product to the market ~

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KonaBro2753d ago

but honestly that was a pretty dumb article.

Bluemaster772753d ago

So instead of actually taking into account some of the good points the article made , you all dismiss it as "stupid" cmon dudes

newn4gguy2753d ago

It is stupid. His points are so irrational. Sony continually gives us a better experience. Microsoft knows they can get away with doing basically nothing they have been.

ThanatosDMC2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

I wonder who's the author and his supporters. There should be at least 5 accounts that immediately agrees when there's a positive comment.


GarandShooter2753d ago

Help us out, then Blue. List the good points. I guarantee you won't spend much time typing.

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