FPS Freeks Raffle

Dot Flanagan, over at Goozernation, had the privilege of reviewing a rather interesting product called FPS Freeks made by Kontrol Freeks. Although they are a rather simple looking gaming peripheral that attaches to your Xbox 360 or PS3 joysticks, it is a matter of science on how these little things work. By extending the joystick about half an inch more, the FPS Freek allows the player to control the joystick with ease and accuracy. This is especially handy when playing first person shooter games (obviously, otherwise the FPS part of the name would be completely pointless).

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Shmotz2754d ago

I've had a pair for about four months now and I love them! Well worth the 10 dollars I paid for them.

Lindsey2754d ago

I got some of these a few months back and liked them for a little while, then one day they just started coming loose every few minutes.

iPixelDot2753d ago

What a great reason to enter in this contest then. ;)

Lindsey2753d ago

Not really, they kinda suck. No offense.

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