Post Nuclear Living in Fallout 3

Via From the creators who brought you The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion comes one of the best post-apocalyptic role-playing games ever - Fallout 3. Due to hit stores next year, Fallout 3 will breathe life back into the once amazing franchise about a post nuclear world where humans must not only fight monstrous creatures but toxic infections and radiation as well. brings you an inside look into the world of Fallout 3 through an interview with Pete Hines.

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MK_Red4027d ago

Awesome find and awesome interview.
But he's still silent on Corpses Eaten, Enclave and Melee.

peksi4027d ago (Edited 4027d ago )

Now there's another potential exclusive candidate for MS/Sony to waste their money on.

Hope it says multiplatform. Fallout has been a truly magnificent RPG series and I bet this newest addition will do justice for it.