Top Ten Things You Might Not Know About Your 3DS

We all know Nintendo likes to cram its hardware full of clever little Easter Eggs to get our inner child smiling. But did you know about these 10 awesome things your 3DS can do?

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callahan092807d ago

Went to GameStop yesterday just to try it out and maybe buy one. Was not at all impressed. I'll wait until some killer games come out for it. At the moment, I'm not particularly interested in a single game for it, at least not at 40 dollars per game. I'd try a couple of them for like 10 to 20, but not full price, and I certainly wouldn't buy a 250 dollar machine to play them.

The 3D didn't so much give me a headache as it just made me feel really dizzy and disoriented when I stopped playing it. It wasn't very impressive 3D, either. It was hard to even see the 3D. It looked kind of blurry to me and the 3D effect wasn't very pronounced, and it made me feel disoriented as I said, so yeah I would *definitely* not use the 3D feature at all if I get one (well, let's face it, eventually all development will shift from DS to 3DS, so I'll bet getting one eventually).

When I turned the 3D off, and just played it in standard 2D, I must say I was pretty underwhelmed by the graphics. I guess it was a decent leap up from DS, but it didn't seem any better than PSP graphics to me (God of War games on PSP definitely look about as impressive as the 3DS games I played at GameStop).

So it definitely doesn't have that innovative leap in technology that I assumed it would have. The DS was innovative with adding dual-screens with a touchscreen. The 3DS added 3D, but it's a poor effect that I won't use. Just a worthless gimmick for me. Not an impressive leap in graphics. All it adds is a thumbstick (albeit this is VERY important and it's about darn time!) and some better social interaction features than the DS.

So basically, it offers nothing for me from a hardware perspective, and I'll be waiting for the good games to arrive. I'm a little peaved, though, that Nintendo released such an underwhelming machine for their next-gen hardware. Gameboy Advance was leaps and bounds better than Gameboy / Color. And the DS was an even bigger innovation and advancement over GBA. Then comes 3DS, and it's just not that impressive of a leap, from what I saw at GameStop. I truly believe NGP will be the machine to own for this generation. Much, much better graphics, dual-thumbsticks, 3G support, and gual-touch panels (front/screen and rear), which means it will have better technical capabilities, more control / input options, and more online / social functionality with PSN as a backbone.

callahan092807d ago

Come on. I spent some time typing up my impressions of the thing. Don't just press disagree, at least have the common courtesy to reply and say what you disagree with.

kingdavid2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

Good read but its probably a bit early to tell.

These launch games definitely havent used the 3d effect to the best of their advantage (Im sure devs will learn to use it more efficiently as the lifespan goes on). The same goes for the graphics (even though I was really impressed with how street fighter looks).

In saying this, the 3D took a little while to grow on me. Now I cant play the games without having 3d on cos Im used to it so much. The whole argument for 3D is real polarising for everyone. If its not up your alley, fair enough.

eagle212807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

People who judge a system based on launch games? Show me a psp game that looks half as good as Resident Evil: Mercenaries. The developers just said those titles (including Revelations) were made as full on console games. Go watch the gameplay trailer and keep the FUD off n4g. :)

God of War psp doesn't even look as good as please!

callahan092807d ago

I'm not judging it based on launch games, I'm giving my early impressions on whether it's worth buying right now *in my opinion*. It's more of a critique of the hardware, anyway. And how many times did I mention that I'll buy one eventually because I know it will eventually get all the great games you'd expect on a Nintendo handheld? Was that not acknowledgment enough that I understand that a launch library is not representative of a mature console's library?

AWBrawler2807d ago

i agree the software is mostly meh now especially since the biggest game on it has already been played by 360 and ps3 owners.

but the Graphics easily surpass PSP

Show me one PSP game that looks as good as Resident Evil Revelations, Street Fighter 4, or what they have shown of Mario 3D

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