New Ratchet & Clank Action Figures Arrive at UK Retail

A new series of action figures based on the best-selling PlayStation videogame franchise, Ratchet & Clank has been confirmed for launch in the UK this month. Ratchet and Clank are known for their overpowered weapons and ingenious gadgets, and this new series of action figures shows just why that is.

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trainsinrdr2780d ago

R&C needs a rest now for a while insomniac should work on another new ip or something

hay2780d ago

After fantastic Crack in Time?(which was one of the best games I ever played) I long for more.

Quagmire2779d ago

I want a HD collection of the pervious 3 or 4 games on PS2

trainsinrdr2780d ago

i think R&C got boring after 3.
gladiator was ok and tools of destruction sucked thats all i played though so maybe crack in time was good

GamerEuphoria2780d ago

Crack in time was sweet, but Heros on the move (i know its not really a R&C title but hey) and that new one one four all or somthing? yeah they look trash. I just hope they dont rest the franchise and give it a 'gritty' reboot e.g. make Racther a hard ass addicited to snorting screws :O

Jdoki2780d ago

"make Racther a hard ass addicited to snorting screws"

I think that would make an excellent re-boot! :) Similar to when Naughty Dog turned Jak badass.

Been playing R&C games since the first one. They are all good fun, and I'm always happy to buy the next iteration .

zeal0us2780d ago

Deadzone is probably the worst R&C game, If I recall you can't even use clank in that game.

R&C is probably one the main reason I wanted a Ps3 after Insomniac stayed loyal to Sony unlike some companies.

Cajun Chicken2780d ago

At bloody last. I had about to deliver these ages ago but they never went past pre-order, the was this time, LAST YEAR.

maniac762780d ago

these have been advertised for months on play