Perfect 5/5 for The Orange Box 360

GameSpy writes:
"Even though The Orange Box deserves accolades regarding the amount of "bang for your buck," it's really about quality here, not quantity. Aside from the fact that you're receiving five games on one disc, the craftsmanship that has gone into each of these titles rears its head with every Antlion you shoot, every high-velocity portal transfer you make, and every sentry gun you assemble. The amazing part is that these three diverse games are all running on the same engine. We cannot overstate the fact that if you are an Xbox 360 owner, there are few games this year that can match up to what Valve is offering here. It's hard to imagine anyone who buys The Orange Box regretting their purchase for a second."

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Umbrella Corp4028d ago (Edited 4028d ago )

Like im surprised,its half-life its almost perfect

JsonHenry4028d ago

You console only boys are in for a real treat! When I said that I have been playing better games than that mediocre Halo for years on the PC - this is one of the games I have been talking about.

socomnick4027d ago

Jason your right dude I could never play half life 2 when it came out back in the day cause my pc wouldn't run it. I was delightfully surprised how well the graphics have kept up they look pretty sweet. The physics are awesome Team Fortress is meh. I still think halos better though .

HeartlesskizZ4028d ago

I just want to get my hands on that game Team fortress, to bad is not sold separately

Adamalicious4028d ago

I thought you could get is separately for the PC. Not on 360 or PS3 though.

Close_Second4028d ago I was waiting for COD4 especially for the on-line aspect but this is looking fantastic!!!!

etownone4028d ago

another contender for game of the year? but since hl2 won 2004 for pc, does it still count??

well so far: Bioshock, Halo, now Orange Box...... i guess we will have to see about Crisis, Uncharted, Mario Galexy, and Mass Effect.

kinda feel bad for ps3 owners that have to wait so long for games lately, but at least they know for fact another AAA is coming like Oblivion.

sak5004027d ago

LOL can't wait for teh comparison videos of PC vs 360 vs PS3. SOrry Wii not included

xplosneer4027d ago

This game came pretty much out of nowhere with not very much hype, but it's getting comparable ratings to Halo(Not saying Hype affected anything)


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