Eidos: Kane & Lynch Will Return

Despite the two averagely rated Kane & Lynch games , it looks like Eidos / Square Enix isn't giving up on the series yet.

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CrzyFooL4757d ago

I can't be the only person happy about this. Watch the third game be awesome.

KDubyah4757d ago (Edited 4757d ago )

I actually like the Kane and Lynch games..
They just needa spend more time on the gameplay.
The controls are weak, the aiming is kinda off and stiff..
If they polish the controls and game mechanics, the game would be great.

There is definite potential for these games. Especially online, the modes are great!
I sure as hell hope this time around that they allow 4 player system link! At the least.
And, I don't mean four xBox's, one player per xBox, allow two players on one xBox.
Make it split screen, and let me link with a friends xbox for a four player heist.

CommonSense4757d ago

There is no indication from the first 2 games that the 3rd would be anything but a soulless, vulgar, boring experience where even the in game characters seem like they are completely disinterested in what's going on.

morganfell4757d ago

You are not the only person happy about this prospect. Although I have my issues with the games I enjoyed them for their no holds barred atmosphere.

People that acting as if Kane and Lynch had control issues and are wanting Hitman 5 seem to forget the same clunkiness, by virtue of it also being an IO product, were inherent in that series as well. It is a case of misremembering for the sake of beloved nostalgia. Both series had/have issues yet both possess their deserved fanbase.

It should be understood the multiplayer in Kane and Lynch is addictive as hell for it's unpredictable nature. A lot of enjoyment to be had in that game.

The other good news is the Kane and Lynch movie, despite Cannes posters, appears to have dropped both Willis and Fox. Better a movie is not filmed at all if the casting is so far off the mark.

DavidMacDougall4757d ago

Can't wait! I love Kane and Lynch but the second one sucked!

killcycle4757d ago

Dog Days sucked Donkey balls for the most part imo. Worst ending ever

badz1494757d ago

although no one can say it better than this guy...


just let it die already! the previous 2 games are horrible!

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Alos884757d ago

Yay, more time wasted on this miserable franchise. Just make Hitman 5, nobody would miss Kane and Lynch if you quietly swept them under the carpet.

TheLastGuardian20104757d ago

They are making Hitman 5. There's already a few leaked images..there'll be an e3 blowout for sure...

KDubyah4757d ago

I sure would love for a Hitman 5, fer sure.
I just hope that they don't screw that up..
Hitman is probably one of my favorite franchises.
At least, it was for the last generation, definitely.

But, with some of the games they are pushing out, iduno..

Corrwin4757d ago

"Kane & Lynch Will Return" as targets of No. 47, I assume?

I loved the idea of Kane and Lynch, and even hoped the 2nd game would be good. But it was not to be ;_;

kasser4757d ago

The concept of Kane & Lynch is great but the 1st one was about an average game and the 2nd did even worse than average.

They should forget about this series and go back to making Hitman games!

TheLastGuardian20104757d ago

Am I the only one who thought the 2nd game was actually pretty good?

Don't get the hate for this franchise. The series has a shitload of potential, eidos has just never found it's stride. There good at making games, hitman speaks volumes about what there capable of. They just need to cap it off right. Don't abandon k&l. There is a piece of gold, buried under that sand and dirt.

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Worst Big Budget Games

GF365: "Among all the well-received and beloved video games, there are some that are horrendous. Here are our picks for the worst big budget games released since 2010."

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banger88458d ago

What a shitty f***** list! Most of the games on it were great fun. Bullshit list.

chantii_mmohaven457d ago

yep this is truly a b*tthurt list :/

MadLad456d ago

I think the only one I agreed on was Anthem, and even that isn't horrendous.

Knushwood Butt458d ago

Anthem; I'd forgotten that game existed. I remember thinking the trailer was BS though; turns out I was right.

Cueil456d ago

the game wasn't bad though

RavenWolfx457d ago

"Worst big budget games" and immediately lists Genshin Impact, a game that has $4 billion in revenue.

blackblades457d ago

$3 billion and counting along with alot of users. I disagree with that being on the list. This list is just a person opinion without merit

monkey602457d ago

I havent played Genshin Impact and Mafia 3 was alright. The rest though I kind of agree with.
I loved the 1st Kane and Lynch and I could not understand how the 2nd game was as bad as it was.