First Super Mario Stadium Baseball Screens

Mario is swinging for the fence with the Wii-mote this time around. First screens of the newly announced Super Mario Stadium Baseball.

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Time Lord4485d ago

before you know it there will be GTA:Mario's Edition

ChickeyCantor4485d ago

i hope so!! =D
mario f*cking some b/tches riding cool rides popping some koopa's ...its tha sh/t.

=/ you know there allot of games with mario in it but dont overreact like its taking over every game.

Brainiac 84485d ago

I'm a self proclaimed Mario whore. It helps that the games they attach Mario to are at least very high quality.

Between Ratchet & Clank, Mario, and Samus there are no characters more interesting and fun in my book.

Darkiewonder4485d ago

baby bowser supports the rainbow!!


Mario Hockey or Basketball is next. [Basketball first]

Every Mario sports series from the Gamecube will make it's way to the Wii.

commadore654484d ago


Bit late, they've already done it.

Personally I like the games featuring the mario universe. They are all different games still. I suppose there are alot but only bother getting the ones you think will be good.

Danman354485d ago

Hmmm another mario game...

jackdoe4484d ago

Another Mario themed sports title? Ugh. I like Mario Tennis and everything but I think this is becoming insane. Mario Galaxy is the only Mario game that I'm interested in.