[Playstation Blog] PlayStation Eye, A Little More Info…

Sarah Stocker // Sr. Producer, SCEA posted further information about PS Eye

"As many of you probably know, PlayStation Eye is coming, so I wanted to share a little bit about what that means for all you video-bloggers, gamers and would-be-actors and directors out there.

While most of you know that PlayStation Eye is being bundled with The Eye of Judgment game, I also wanted to let you know it'll be out on store shelves as a stand-alone product, too. PlayStation Eye has a lot of cool features and capabilities."

Hit the link for further info.

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squallsoft4079d ago

finally, something to trully seperate the 360 and ps3!


Violater4079d ago

I cannot take the files and share via my PC this is a No buy for me.
I really hope they fix that.

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LSDARBY4079d ago

lol how the hell did sony copy MS. There was a lil old thing called the eye toy you know

CRIMS0N_W0LF4079d ago

If you read that blog you will see info on the super OLD Playstation EyeToy.

Jandre024079d ago

The difference is that the conversation was about gaming consoles. Listing specifications of computers is not going to make your comment any less irrelevant.

mighty_douche4079d ago

they were arguing over which console did it first, im simply suggesting that its just a web cam, and that neither company copied each other.

im not sure where you issue lies.

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The story is too old to be commented.