WWE Superstar Randy Orton Has Game with Wrestlemania 27 Victory

At Wrestlemania 27, seven-time WWE World Champion Randy Orton took down CM Punk to win a grudge match. His match was one of many highlights during the Super Bowl of wrestling, including Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin returning to the ring. Orton is one of over 50 professional wrestlers in THQ’s Smackdown vs. RAW 2011 and he’s also featured in the new WWE All Stars game. Orton spent time in the recording studio to bring his virtual persona to life in the new games, which also includes motion-captured moves from pro wrestlers. Like many of the men and women in professional wrestling today, Orton grew up a gamer. Orton, who comes from pro wrestling stock (his Dad is “Cowboy” Bob Orton), talks about his old school love of videogame brawlers and why today’s games are too complicated in this exclusive interview.

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qadsia1233526d ago

"I never have any time to do that unless I am hurt"

yes because we all know how deadly wrestling can be -_-'

Masamori Sumimura3526d ago

wrestling is dangerous and they get armed pretty easily.

dougr3526d ago

You can't be serious. I know the story line is fake, and they don't actually punch and kick each other for the most part, but these athletes put there bodies on the line a lot of nights. If you think that everything is fake just watch Undertaker vs Triple H at Wrestlemania 27 and then get back to me.

qadsia1233526d ago

Yes I can be serious I was comparing it to UFC for example thats where REAL fighters get banged up and need TIME to heal after fights thats why you dont have the same fighters every freaking week so randy orton cant say I dont have time to play unless Im hurt he should say I dont have time because Im in the ring 24/7 talking BS and faking injuries...

evrfighter3526d ago

wow yes we all know that wrestling is scripted but to think its just an act that doesn't need around the clock practice and pinpoint precision to pull off shows what a retard you are.

I stopped watching wrestling years ago and have since moved on to mma. But to try and take away the amount of work, dedication, and effort from these guys because it's 'zomg not mma" is plain stupid.

grow up kid.

qadsia1233526d ago

@evrfighter Grow up? your the one thats getting personal and calling people retards if theres anyone that should grow up its you, looks like I sturred up the WWE fanboys...

Anyway he talks like hes getting banged up with fractured ribs and broken arms etc. when hes always around with his pretty face to talk crap I havent seen him get hurt? I flip through channels and stop sometimes to whatch this crap and it doesnt look like it needs around the clock training more like around the clock crap acting skills.

What I meant when I was comparing it to MMA was that they have the right to say "when I get hurt" randy orton has the right to say "Im too busy because Im training to do some fake BS" not to say when Im hurt.

No wonder brock made the move couldnt stand that fake crap...

StanSmith3526d ago

Look at the state of the undertaker's body. After 20 years of hard work it is ruined. His knees and his hips are a mess. He worked through a muscle tear for 3 months and it now will never heal properly because he wanted to entertain the fans. Kane had a concussion and went out the next night and performed. He shattered his hand only to carry on wrestling a week later. HHH torn his quads but finished his match. Don't give me no crap that these aren't legitimate tough guys. These wrestlers get injured very frequently but carry on working through it.

FYI dude, hating on wrestling because it's "teh fakez" is so 1995. It is now a well respected sports entertainment on a mass scale worldwide. Evrfighter is right. You need to grow up.

BLAKHOODe3525d ago

Orton vs Punk at WM27 was an awesome match.. match of the night, in my opinion. (Sorry, Taker/HHH.) I give Punk's incredible work as a heel most of the credit, though.. Punk's mannerisms (especially when mocking opponents) and his reactions (he looked scared to death when he almost got RKO'd) just made that match.

Knock pro-wrestling for being "fake" or "scripted" all you want.. it's no more fake and scripted than any other show on TV. It's all about ENTERTAINMENT and wrestling entertains MILLIONS each and every week with fresh, original programming. Something no other television show has EVER done - atleast, not for as long as wrestling has. It's a powerhouse and will always be a part of our culture.

DlocDaBudSmoka3525d ago

like i said before, let all the shit talkers TRY and do what these WWE guys/gals do. then i can gauran-damn-tee that they will stop saying its fake.