Is Sony as desperate as it looks?

CNET's Don Reisinger writes:

"With a rumored $399 40GB Playstation 3 on the way, a cheaper device hitting shelves in Japan and UK, and announcements of an all-out price blitz this holiday season, is Sony really as desperate as it looks?"

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EZCheez4119d ago

He contradicts himself halfway through his own argument-

"I can't blame Sony for trying--the PS3 is hands-down, the most important device Sony is selling right now. Not only is it the harbinger of Blu-ray, it represents one of the most economically stable divisions of the company over the past decade."

Why the hell would anyone cut prices and change their product? They want to sell the damn thing. Does this guy think they should just throw their hands up in the air and just say "Shucks guys. We'll get them next time."


Wile4119d ago

the question in the title was "Is Sony as desperate as they look?" not "Should Sony quit the PS3?". I don't think the author was suggesting that.

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UnasFortuna4119d ago

Once again, another article by him with a title trying to bait a flamewar. Misdirected content as well. Don't see him stating MS is desperate with their different models and price drops... imagine that. So sorry I bought a PS3 at launch now...NOT!!! Yelp...Sony circling the drain...NOT!!!

MADGameR4119d ago

Its doing whatever they can to get those PS3s off the shelves.

kreetah4119d ago

This guy needs to get back to his roots reviewing the next gen "Flowbee Haircut Systems" as quoted in his BIO - LOL.

Kleptic4119d ago

I love people like this guy...use the internet to "blog" and analyze industry's as if they have any clue on what is going on...

First and foremost...he makes the comment of Sony focusing solely on hardware...idiot...SCE comprises more development studios than MS and Nintendo COMBINED...SCE's first party content output has always dwarfed everyone else in the industry...this is exactly how Sony sort of showed up and put Nintendo out of first place in less than one generation...and they haven't fallen out of that position yet...

Sony needs 3rd party content less than Nintenod and MS, however the mistake Sony is making...or maid...was thinking they didnt' need it at all...and that is where the management problems came in, which have since been fixed...Ken is gone, and Sony has already made huge strides in the past year to fix some problems they have had with 3rd parties... the "I find no compelling reason to play my PS3"...what the hell?...then why do you own it?...there are plenty of top quality games out for it right now...true there is no halo 3 level of hype for anything, but that hardly justifies how high of quality a game is...

and if he is going to play that card...what upcoming games does MS or Nintendo have to counter Sony?...Nintendo has two mario games coming soon...and the 360 has Mass Effect...and then what?...if people should not buy a PS3 this season because "there is no compelling reason to play it", then please point out what the competition has that is so much better?...the truth of the matter is that, while its true you had to wait for it, the ps3 has arguably the strongest lineup from this day forward by far...2008 is packed full of so many huge games that its hard for anyone to deny it...while the media will still be saying what they have been saying (not enough games), the reality is the exact opposite...

the reality is simply that this guy is a certified retard...He uses ignorance effectively to maintain a certain position...a position in which he simply dislikes Sony's dominance since they entered the gaming hardware market...Its easy to right off Sony less than a year in based on slower than expected sales...but the system, more than anything else on the market, has the legs to sell 100 million again...and Sony has yet to release a console to not do exactly that...

Huddymonster4119d ago (Edited 4119d ago )

I agree with you EZ this guy does not know what he is talking about. Sony is selling on par with the 360 but that is a failure for a company as respected as Sony in the gaming industry. They are fixing the two biggest flaws..the price..and the games. This guy isnt even a gamer if he doesnt think uncharted, ratchet and clank, mgs4, and FF13 are huge hitters coming up. Also the price is perfect now for what you are getting. If he thinks the general public buys a 400 dollar system to play ps2 games then he needs to get brain surgery. Would people like to have BC...yes. it a deal braker????NO.

A5 for the WIN

Violater4118d ago

By next year this time we will be flooded with " How Sony turned it around" articles and yes more fanboy blog bashing.

TheZippo4118d ago

I have no idea how you get any of your information. I usually ignore you because I find you totally annoying and laking an original thought. What I would like to know is what has Sony done for you? Anything? You act like you owe them your life. I don't know.. your kinda weird and you creep me out.

Anyway here is a site that actually has collective sales figures from Japan, America and Other (Europe, etc.)

All I ask of you is please.. just go outside. Meet actual people and make some friends. Unless you get paid by Sony to spread BS propaganda then I can understand that.

AdamBombastic4118d ago

Wow, you'd think by the way this guy is talking, MS has actually been successful in making video game consoles. After two years MS has managed to sell a little over 10 million units...The PS1 and PS2 sold over 100 million each. So far I haven't been impressed, AT ALL, with what MS has been able to achieve. Does he think shareholders will continue to blindly stand by why MS piddles away billions of dollars for what? Preventing Sony's dominance in being the center of home entertainment? They pulled the plug on the xbox 1 after 4 years because it was a massive failure($4 billion) and wanted to start with a clean slate with the 360. Now what? They now have to deal with the burden of defective hardware that will cost them billions more to warranty. I would be very concerned if I were a MS fan as I wouldn't be surprised if this was Microsoft's last attempt at making hardware. They had the market to themselves for a year and have sold what after two, 11 million units? The hundreds of millions of PS fans aren't turning to MS. Did they disappear? They didn't flock to the Wii as that hardware is almost supplemental and not causing PS fans to jump ship. No, they are waiting for the heavy hitters such as GT5, MGS4,GOW3 and FF. For all the times I hear xbots running their mouths about the PS3's current lack of AAA software, I wonder if they even realize what will happen when the heavy hitters do arrive. Also if you visit Metacritic, you'll see the PS3 has 28 games with an average score of 80 or higher, so their are some excellent games such as Motorstorm and Warhawk(the funnest online game I have ever played). Sony has more people working in their internal development studios than Nintendo and MS combined. The AAA, system selling games are right around the corner, and MS has played its trump card(halo 3). What I see in MS and the 360 right now is more in line with the Dreamcast. Some good software but massive losses and failure to achieve widespread acceptance. Although I see the tide turning very shortly, the PS3 could be a massive failure and Sony still has the two greatest selling consoles of all time in their track record. If one of the hardware manufacturers is in desperation, I would surmise its MS. All they have right now is failure and losses.

SlappyMcTaint4118d ago

"Am I as retarded as I sound?"

what a fcukin' mook! Go away M$ fanboy.

anonymousAJA4118d ago

With the way sales of the 360 are going it seems that microsoft needs a 20 year lifespan in order for the 360 to top 100 million. I don't know but to me that is not satisfactory with both the PS1 and PS2 reaching past 100 million within 7 years. The fact is that most gamers, and I use the term to describe a gamer with libraries that are greater than 20 in a generation, are mostly just waiting on the PS3 pricedrop. Fact is that there is no concieveable reason to own a 360 simply because you are going to get the same 3rd party software but exceptional 1st party software with the PS3. With microsoft, they pay third party companies to make 1st party games but with the recent split of Bungie and MS it became pretty apparent that most people with a 360 were just Halo fans. Microsofts first party offering is segmented and lacks any year round game coverage and third parties have to pick up the slack. But Sony has tons of studios working on all sorts of projects that vary between genre and price. They are also released year round and have very high quality so while a 360 owner has to wait for games and system repairs, a PS3 owner is always in season to buy a new game especially next year.

The reason why Microsoft is moving too few 360s is because most of the software for the 360 is uninspiring with few exceptions. Now I am not talking about Bioshock, Halo 3, and Gears of War being uninspiring, those are great games, but its the rest of the lineup that seem to play mostly like last gen games with more cosmetics. The fact is that it is not 1-3 games that define a gaming generation but its the collective library of games. When you look at 2001 when GTA 3 was released you noticed other games with greater quality. With games like FFX, Timesplitters 2, MGS 2, and more, you see that the formula for a great game had changed. Games were playing differently and playing with different ideas. But one thing I must say is that the Xbox 360 games don't define a next generation feel. They define a hardware specification. The 360 games are similar to how Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 was on the PS2, sure it was great, but it only showed flashier visuals and no creativity on the developers part. I think that when games like LA Noire, Haze, MGS4, FFXIII, Killzone 2, Uncharted, Warhawk, The Agency, and more come to mind, you actually see an evolution in how we play games and its that idea innovation that Microsoft lacks on a first party scale and in 3rd party relationships. 3rd parties know they can feed a "run of the mill" game to an Xbox owner. The graphics alone sell it. But to a Playstation fan, developers have to think harder about how the game is different from other games and how it will improve over the previous itterations. If you think about how 4-5 million people buy madden and compare it to the 130 million people that own a PS2, THAT IS A HUGE DIFFERENCE. So that leaves approx. 125 million PS2 owners that play games other than madden and when you look at the respective 360 sales you will see the same sort of difference. You will see 12 million out of 40 million 360 fans will own Halo 3 by the end of this generation. So that means that more than 1/4th of 360 owners will own it but thats not something to brag about if its the only thing gamers on that platform deem worth buying. With the PS2, 5 out of 130 gamers buy madden. That leaves a huge chunk of the market open to other opportunities by other companies. Fact is that its not just graphics and variety of genres that sell a console, its how innovative the console games are from the last and when you look at it, the 360 is the least innovative.

secret4118d ago (Edited 4118d ago )

Here's my article title for this PS3 article. "Does this PS3 hater hate the PS3 so much that he'll want to interpret the PS3 price cut as desparate?"

Never trust any writer who uses a loaded question like that author. First of all, I'd like to answer his question whether the PS3 is as desparate as it looks, but first of all, you'd have to prove first that the PS3 looks desparate.

Try this article title, "Is the xbox360 so cowardice that it's afraid to match the PS3's higher price and enjoy higher margins instead of lowering its price everytime the PS3 approaches?"

Because the xbox360 is afraid to raise it's price to fight the PS3 fact to face, the PS3 will bring the fight to the xbox360 by offering a $399 SKU and settle this confrontation once and for all. Really, if Microsoft thinks that the xbox360 can face the PS3 graphics for graphics, feature for feature, quality for quality, then it wouldn't be afraid to RAISE it's price to match the PS3's higher price point and enjoy the higher margins from the higher price and such a strong and confident demand. But instead, you see Microsoft lowering its price every time the PS3 comes closer to challenge it.

Hype, media manipulation, smoke & mirrors are indications that a console is ill. These artificial life support tactics can support the xbox360's life for only so long. The PS3 is coming, and that authors knows that. The author of that article is a prime example of sly manipulation used to try to sustain the life of a console that cannot sustain itself on its own merits.

If an American product must win, let it win on merits, not dirty practices or moral compromises or unethical attempts. Prove yourself fair and square. If you win the track race by stabbing the competition with a knife, drugging them with dope, burning down their car before the race, vandalizing their neighborhoods, using steriods, comitting bribery or other dirty tactics, that doesn't prove what the race was intended to prove -- to see who's the fastest. It only shows that you're dirty. A villain.

The title of the article from that aurther is what's called a dangerously "loaded question," It assumes that Sony is looking desparate to an uneducated person. But to someone else who's wary to fog & mirrors, they'd ask, "Why do you want to suggest taht Sony is desparate when that's not proven?"

That is not truth, justice, and the American way -- or has it stooped to this level now for this American generation?

This is how americans should be? That's not what I was taught.

Oh yeah, I own shares of stock in Microsoft.

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tuffco4119d ago

I cant believe this guy gets paid to spread this horse crap. ITS CALLED BUSINESS IDIOT, YOU DO WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO TO INCREASE BUSINESS.

CRIMS0N_W0LF4119d ago

A blog is news? I should invent my own blogs.

*Creates renders of Tifa and Barret on Maya highly detailed*

*Posts on blog*


nobizlikesnowbiz4119d ago

I doubt anyone would read your drivel.

tuffco4119d ago

This guy is a joke, he has no idea about business. He is just some stupid rich kid with an english degree. SONY IS GOING UNDER GUYS WATCH OUT!!! what a joke, its not that if SONY catches on its when you IDIOT!!!

CAPS LOCK4119d ago

well everyone knows Microsoft owns this can't be very credible.

razer4119d ago

So we can use CNET most wanted gadget lists that have the PS3 in the top spots.. But when they say something negative about it they are owned by MS?

Give me a break.

OnTopic: I liked the article and as another PS3 owner I do agree with what he says.

UnasFortuna4119d ago

Well, you are entitled to your opinion but that doesn't say much for your intelligence if you believe Sony is desperate by initiating a cheaper model option which is what the consumer base wanted from the beginning. Did you think that same when MS did the same with one of the many different models and price ranges they offer? Guess not since the press didn't write that article and blindly lead their cattle.