12 Street Passes in 48 hours & Tips to get more Street Passes with your 3DS

ASGgaming.com: We here at All Systems Go have had a week now to play with our 3DS. One of the best features of this device is definitely the Street Pass. I myself have had about 12 so far! Of course, this was not without some research and work. Until Friday, I had none. I went to GameStop on Friday and an employee had a 3DS. She actually had it turned off, so I asked her if she'd like to "Street Pass" and she happily obliged. That was my first Street Pass. I now have had 12. Read on and I'll share my "secrets".

Source: ASGgaming.com

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guru95354628d ago

Nice, thanks for the tips. I have not gotten any Street Passes yet. I live in LA, so I'm gonna hit up that Expo!

kmr19774628d ago

I live in the "boonies", but I might drive up to a city that has one of those conventions in the future to get some.

fanboybeater14628d ago

Me too, I live in Missouri, not to far from Ft. LeonardWood, an Army Base, I wonder if they'd mind if I asked them if I could go on the base to "get some Street Passes".

I'd probably be shot on site... LOL

guru95354628d ago

LOL. I'm in the Army. You're probably right. They don't mess around here on base. If you take pictures of stuff here on base, they lock you up.

fanboybeater14628d ago

Ok, I will just stay away then.

guru95354628d ago

I havent got any passes here anyways (on base). I think I'm the only one here that has a 3DS. The PX has a whole bunch of them still for sale.

Visari4628d ago

Street Pass is the worst feature of the 3DS. It's made for Japan. Hardly anyone in America will be carrying it around. Nintendo should've made some special feature for everyone else where you can "street pass" using wi-fi or something.

macky3014627d ago (Edited 4627d ago )

Go the Pedobear route :)
No but seriously,.. Have it in a car,.. and pass a school buses,..:) I am sure you will get lots of kids,.. This sounds wrong on so many levels,..

I think Nintendo was actually genius for doing that and tying it to software that is already on the systems,.. They actually get free publicity and exposure,.. because people feel incentive to carry it with them,..

resistance1004627d ago

It's also can be turned into a PR stunt if need be at some point, claiming that they are getting people out and walking rather than staying indoors.

Theyellowflash304627d ago

I've got a couple from the demo units at Gamestop. Hopefully i'll get more I want to advance in the find Mii game. Hiring a hero sucks. Need some real warriors.

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Antnee5342268d ago

Why in fucks name did the designs for the mc make it through the planing stages of development? They are by far the worse thing pokemon have produced.

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but...you customize your own characters now? l dont like that boys neck. holy shit it's about as strong as a twig

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I understand that, but if you pick a boy you get the worse choices.

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oh for sure. The franchise just shits on the male version more and more per new entry, lol

Antnee5342266d ago

It's so weird being that the player base is 70/30 male you know. You would think that they would give the males a better choice selection.


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Every time I see 'released on Steam' my heart sinks. Why don't these guys release on GOG instead?


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