Strong Canadian dollar means Canadians pay dearly for Xbox Live, PSN action

While each console has a different system for handling online sales, Microsoft's point system seems to be the least fair as the US dollar continues its slide. Amusingly, one could buy a card of MS points in the US, take it across the border, and have the card gain value. Sony prices games on a per-case basis online. While Canadians still get stuck with a higher price, it's not hidden behind a smoke screen of points, and many games are priced similarly between the US and Canada. Nintendo simply converts the currency, making it the most fair between the three.

While arstechnica don't see Microsoft moving away from their point-based system, it's clear that as the Canadian dollar grows in strength, so do its profits.

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BenzMoney4485d ago

But the same is true for virtually anything you buy here in Canada. Grab a book off the shelf and look at the $US vs $CAN price. It's typically 15-20% cheaper in $US. Hmmm, that's odd considering the fact that the Canadian dollar is worth more.

Head on over to a car dealership. Now go to the US and look at the exact same car. Notice the 15-20% price difference? For example: A Nissan Altima selling in Canada for $32,000CAD will sell in the US for $24,000US. And the $US is worth less than the $CAD.

It's not just MS, its virtually everything. Clothes, cars, books, electronics... you name it.

Leathersoup4485d ago

There's one that's being filed against the auto industry at the moment. For anyone who's purchased a new car since 2005.
Maybe Microsoft needs a slap as well.

Blood_Spiller4485d ago

I was just about to type the same thing, thanks for doing the hard work for me. Bubbles for you.

Fedorov4485d ago

I'm waiting for the ps3 to lower also. our dollar is stronger, and i live right next to a port, yet I have to pay $50 more then I would in the states.

pilotpistolpete4485d ago

It's all about greed. When the canadian dollar goes down, the prices go up. Canadian dollar goes up...hmmm, they seem to be slow adjusting.

Real Gambler4485d ago

Latest PSN release is Go Sports Ski, which is $2.99 in U.S. AND Canada. Let's just hope it's a trend, not just a one shot deal : )

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The story is too old to be commented.