Sony Better Get Their Act Together

I believe this story is basically saying the Playstation 3s Graphics Card (RSX) and the Cell Processor are having huge bandwidth issues, The RSX is sending a ton of information while the Cell is very limited and is causing a huge bottleneck, i sure hope this is something the PS3 can fix because my belief is competition drives better products and if this is true the PS3 is gonna fail big time...

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nirwanda6212d ago (Edited 6212d ago )

That the cell chip won't be using the vram as it's main memory it's conected directly to the XDR memory and to the RSX it would be stupid to use the vram for main memory as it would have to go via the RSX to get to the cell so yeah it's slow but you would only use it for the RSX anyway.

the pic could easly have been doctor'd in photoshop but if true the measured speed's are poor.
another problem the RSX has is that it only has a 128bit interface compared to the 360's and 7800/7900 256bit interface

Asuka6212d ago

all of it is just speculation from the media....nothing more.

Marty83706212d ago

PS3 devkits are still betakits,PS3 is 6 months from final hardware.