Stepto's Blog Handed Over To Hacker - Irony Ensues - Hacker Boasts on YouTube

Bryce Wilson of RipTen; "Xbox LIVE is made up of some pretty amazing and awesome personalities, Stephen 'Stepto' Toulouse being one of those. Through a series of unseen events however his personal blog and website '' was handed over to an anonymous hacker..."

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Delriach4324d ago

I don't see the glory in the whole hacking thing. That dude in the YouTube video was quite excited though... Maybe I'm missing out...

Drjft4324d ago

I'm the same - I don't see the whole big deal in 'hacking' Xbox LIVE accounts but this is pretty lulzy.

mjolliffe4324d ago

Same here. I just don't understand why you'd do it. Oh well.

CrzyFooL4324d ago

Apparently nobody is safe from this kid.

Batmau54324d ago

Those darned internet hacker gangs!

Alexrubens4324d ago

"oh man......*BLOWS INTO MIC* I'm so shaky....." I think that this kid had a hacking orgasm during that video.

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