BioShock, Halo 3 not "next-gen"

Frontier Developments boss David Braben believes BioShock and Halo 3 are not examples of "next-gen" games. He was speaking exclusively to Eurogamer about his new project The Outsider, which he still believes will be one of the first proper examples of fifth generation gaming on the market.

"I loved the 1930s-1950s atmosphere of BioShock: the lovely Art Deco visuals and the audio that worked especially well," Braben told Eurogamer. "Overall the whole game was beautifully executed, but the gameplay itself was not 'next-gen'."

"I found Halo 3 great fun, too, but also a little disappointing - as although there were a few nice touches and improved graphical fidelity, it hadn't really moved on much from Halo 2 in terms of the gameplay."

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RadientFlux4122d ago

Funny thing is that both Bioshock and Halo3 are from the some of top game developers in the world.

While Frontier Developments has an unproven track record with a few roller coaster games and a game based on a movie (Curse of the WereRabbit). So sorry if I think that Frontier Developments is one of the last companies to state what is and what isn't a next-gen game.

DethWish4122d ago

David Braben is the creator of Elite, I think he knows his stuff.
Google it if you want to know more about it

kewlkat0074122d ago (Edited 4122d ago )

is so loosely tossed around, I'm not really sure what is next-gen anymore.

1. Developers have their own term/meaning. Even those, that have never made a "HIT" game or you have never heard of; coming out the woodworks.

2. Fanboys have their own terms/meaning, as long as the game is for their console of choice it way beyond anything else.

3. Then you have those gamers that can take a step back and really take a look at a game, and see that some games have "next-gen" qualities but not necessarily means it's something totally different from what we got "LAST-GEN".

I think "NEXT-GEN" encompasses every aspect of a game(physics..A.I..etc) that could not be done on a previous console.

Of course "INNOVATION" is something different and is much harder to get that title.

Well that is Nintendo for ya, having gamers play games in a whole different way. But just like "next-gen" Nintendo has certain "innovation" qualities, since it is not pushing cutting-edge hardware. A function on how the "hardware" is used is what is different here, which coincides with the games. Could those games be done on a GAMECUBE..sure, so to me that is not "NEXT-GEN".

If you look at certain games, you'll see, not that much have changed besides prettier graphics, and sometimes the use of better A.I. A lot of FPS's fall into that category.

One game that was truly "NEXT-GEN" to me, was playing "Final Fantasy" on a SNES then playing "Final Fantasy VII" for the first time on a PS1, now thats a great example. Could FFVII be done on the SNES..No way.

Now we just have prettier graphics and battle schemes.

@Laexerias BELOW ME: Not every Developer will become BIG HOUSE game making machines like you describe. Some developers make a one hit wonder game and we wonder, can they make anything else. The fact is they really don't have to. You can milk that franchise for all it's worth and it's not like Bungie has 6 + development TEAMS like those companies you have mentioned. Everyone started small at some point and not all will become HUGE POWER HOUSE DEVELOPERS. Plenty of Devs that stick to what they know best and some have made great games.

Laexerias4122d ago

Cause they made 1 good game!
Dude where do you live? To be on the Top u need to make bunch of Legendary Games like Square Enix with: Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Dragon Quest, Epic with: Unreal Tournament, Gears of War, Nintendo with: Zelda, Metroid, Mario, Capcom with: Resident Evil, Megaman, Streetfighter, Konami: Metal Gear, Castlevania etc.
Bungie got Halo...
Nya nevermind, havok is okay. But Bungie only got Halo, nothing else, and that is lame, they just make this game where other devs make another games. O_O

Mainman4122d ago

Next-gen is:

Real rendered shadows:
Like when you move the light source (the sun for example), the shadows of everything you see on the screen (including buildings) move.
When weapons are fired, stuff around it get temporary shadows because of the muzzle flash.

Real day-night:
The game mimics real day and night. Morning, afternoon, evening, night. With real shadows included. If the game is set outside.

Fully destructible envirnment:
Everything you see can be fully destroyed (buildings etc.).

Textures and maybe even characters aging real-time, while you play the game. If you would stand and look, you would actually see stuff age.

And probably some other stuff too, that I forgot to mention.

risk4122d ago

@ the person above me.

one word: Crysis.

TheDietzofLegends4122d ago

You forget the whole Marathon series for mac, and the freeware support it has now. I still find myself playing that game sometimes.

Shin_Akakage4122d ago

I agree with RadientFlux on this one....who the heck is Frontier Developments? They're track record is virtually non-exsistent. Elite? Really?? He's the man because he made Elite? Really?? Elite was released over 23years ago. He hasn't made anything really worth noting in 23years. Roller-Coaster Tychoon, Frontier, Wallace and Gromit? Puh-lease! No before I listen to anything this guy has to say...I want to see/play his "NEXT-GEN" game first.

UnasFortuna4122d ago (Edited 4122d ago )

Doesn't matter what the company/developer has done in the past... you can still put out a crappy game... Wait wait... not saying Bioshock and Halo 3 was crappy. I quite enjoyed Bioshock and I must say Halo 3 was fun (but disappointing). Bioshock was different in its atmosphere, but can we truly call it next gen??? Probably.. after is a loose term right now. The graphics were very good, gameplay was good, story was okay (hoping for more..but sure they will be another). I still play it. Halo on the other hand... probably shouldn't go there with all the MS fans... but what the heck... You can't say the graphics were a gigantic leap from Halo 2. The major draw for Halo for me was the Multiplayer... but there are better out there which is why I haven't played Halo after beating it (unfortunately very quickly). Don't know why Heavenly Sword got such dings for being "short" when no one mentions this about Halo.... Anyway, will leave Halo alone... you can't argue about its merits and its flaws to a MS/Halo fan. I happen to partly agree with this article... Could they have done either of these games on the previous Xbox console..? I doubt it... Does that make it a next-gen game? No.

Jinxstar4122d ago (Edited 4122d ago )

@ Skin.

I agree b ut at the same time. Imagine how many doors that opened for other dev's. Seriously things like that kind of innovation in that time frame are astounding. 1984... Its like a George Orwell novel. Timeframe a little skewed and all but seriously. Games that open that kind of potential. FF7 showed something to the world. As did Elite, SM64, Ultima Online, SSF2, These games opened so many doors for people to go "Wow, we need to do more of this" For a true next gen game you need that as well. Bungie hasn't offered that and neither has anything yet to be released for any system. Crysis has hopes as does possibly Aqua? The whole 4d thing and all that.

Bringing an astounding change in an industry is huge. Being able to open more doors in potential is what truely matters. and makes something "Next gen" Graphics aside. Innovation can be seen everywhere. Halo's "Gravity" changing ability is cool... Look at Mario Galaxies though... Its all just innovative. Doing 1 or 2 things different or new is good. Making something nobody has ever seen before or cant understand until they play it. Thats Amazing.

Upcoming games with the potential, Fallout, Aqua, Flower, Assassins Creed(Maybe), Borderlands, Crysis... There are some others but these games seem to be truely pushing boundries... Killing the little girls in Bioshock wasn't that terribly... against morals. It was just a choice of survival in most cases many people would have done so.

Edit: Possibly Prototype too. I'm sure I missed some but you get the point I think. =P

Jinxstar4122d ago (Edited 4122d ago )

KK007 seems to have the right idea.

However I do not think that with PS3 claiming to be the "Big Push in next gen" Most dev's dont have the time or money for it. Look at Heavenly Sword. Its a really good game with some "Next Gen" Qualities. But most people, As proven by sales, Dont want that. They only want innovation i.e. Wii. SSBB and MG along with wii sports and other titles are what people are looking for.
Right now I am enjoying the hell out of Super Stardust HD, Heavenly Sword and Folklore. Nothing truely "Next Gen" But innovative and fun. For the 360 I enjoy Gears, Bioshock and Carcasonne. Same deal. Do gamers really want to deal with the whole 4D thing. We'll see when Aqua and afrika are released and other games like it. For now though people want the classics. Halo, God of War, Final Fantasy... Thats the way the market is. Pushing people into something new is hard and that is where sony is failing atm. Not marketing and not "Showing" what it truly means. I believe in the potential but with only talk who else will believe them... MAKE GOD OF WAR 3 ALREADY!!!!

There is nothing wrong with innovation. Its a good thing and also opens doors. I want to see a "drama" game or a "American McGee's Alice" game or something that will truly make people go "WTF?" and say "Hey sure, I'll give it a shot" First party dev's can only do so much. I really dont believe that anything released to date is truly NEXTGEN but hopefully we will see it soon.

Things that they are doing with the Eye Toy and other stuff looks like it has real potential to be next gen. The one where some guy was moving his arms and making patterns.... If they make that somehow into a game that actually requires you to do something it could be next gen. Kinda like in "Minority report" where he was messing with his computer at work with the classical music and such. If you could play a game like that. OMFG Bad ass Next Gen hands down cool.

Niedermayer_204122d ago


laryforlife4122d ago

whatever can't be played on last-gen, these games surely can't, so it is by definition next-gen and it feels next gen to anyone who plays it, so article is technically wrong.

MADGameR4122d ago

I saw Bioshock and graphically it looks amazing. Halo 3 looks pretty good. But Bioshock looks graphically better than Halo 3.

pandabear4121d ago

He was tricked by eurogamer. after talking about Halo & Bioshock he said 'so to answer your question' but eurogamer never posted the question that was asked of him which would have been something along the lines of ' Do you really think that titles like Halo 3 are true next gen and showing the full capabilities of the system'

So you see Eurogamer have been fly just to get a controversial answer that they can post and generate traffic - thats all it is a traffic generator.

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reaperxciv4122d ago

they are great games nonetheless.

Mr Murda4122d ago

Yeah, if "Saved Games", "Forge", Online Co-op, Advanced Matchmaking, and HD Graphics AREN'T next gen. Then what is?

funkysolo4122d ago

Halo3 is not next gen, just because you can make a video of you playing a game doesn't make it Nextgen. Halo3 doesn't even run in HD 640p is still consider SDTV. Halo3 to me looks like an expansion pack for Halo2. What is so great about the Halo3 campaign, too linear, graphics suck, A.I. is dumb, The scale of the game is smoke and mirrors you can't go anywhere but straight no exporation, no bosses, feels like you are playing the same Halo2 game with different textures. Halo3 has the worst framerate of any Nextgen game. Halo3 campaign is garbage. The multiplayer is Halo2 and guess what I stop playing Halo2 over a year 1/2 ago, so a few new maps and some stupid features supposed to keep gamers playing for months, I don't think so. If you got bored of Halo2, You will be bored of Halo3. Gears of War is nextgen and Resistance is next gen..Play more than one console to get the green out of your eyes

Now for bioshock I have to disagree with him. Bioshock is a great game even though I only played the demo and might be a little overrated because it's a FPS but it still looks like alot fun.

Wii60_FTW4122d ago

Halo 3 screenshots I took the other day. get owned, fanboy

Some nice shots of my buddy and I in the beutiful map, Guardian:

Check out the insane ammount of detail on MC's glove and shotgun, and also on the back of his knee.

Make sure to click the images for full-rez, fanboy-pwning glory:

Fanboys? Get f*cking OWNED. That's right. And this isn't even of any of the single-player which looks even better. Killzone 2? Good luck. LMAO. That game looks like major ass up close. I've seen the HD vids. Besides motion blur (which H3 also has), it has nothing. The game seriously is lacking in the shader department (same with resistance). And don't get me started on gameplay LOL. Nothing on ps3 will ever touch any Halo game. owned.

wallace10004122d ago

How can 640p be SDTV if 480p is considered EDTV. Halo 3 looks sweet, i have heard the 640p thing so many times but show me the difference between 640p and 720p under normal conditions. Hell on a set smaller than 32 inches it is hard to notice the difference between 1080i and 1080p under normal viewing conditions, so how are you going to notice the difference between 640p and 720p?

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ktchong4122d ago (Edited 4122d ago )

"... but mine upcoming Xbox 360 title The Outsider will be!

So get it when it comes out on Xbox 360 next year!"

LOL. He's basically saying Xbox 360 has not reached its full potential yet because BioShock and Halo 3 have not reached the limits, and his own game will do better.

power0919994122d ago

Although it seems that this will be a 360 game, from what he is saying. There has not been a console confirmed yet. So it could go to PS3, PC, 360, or ... Wii... well maybe not the Wii.

So who knows.

I say put up or shut up. Give us a "true" next gen game, and leave names like Halo, and Bioshock out of it, because right now it's just BS as far as I am concerned.

jmoneezie4122d ago

This guy is saying that these games are not nextgen, however he is not giving an example of what game out there "is" nextgen.

Perhaps he's saying to this date no game is nextgen, not just halo3 and bioshock. Can't wait to his game comes out so that I can finally see what "Nextgen" really is...

Wile4122d ago

"So to answer your question, if anything I am reassured; I think Outsider more than stands up to them, and I still think Outsider will be one of the first 'next-gen' games," he added.

So boss of dev company doesn't believe those games are "next gen" but believes his companies game will be. WOW Anyone surprised? Me neither.

PS360WII4122d ago

nothing like shooting down two big games in order for people to look at you. Then say oh by the way my game that I have coming out will be awesome. The man knows marketing.

Maldread4122d ago

Yeah, i was thinking the same thing.

It could seriously backfire though, especially when people (well, me at least) hasn`t even heard of the developer before. Not usually a good sign.