Alex Mercer - gaming's 'darkest' anti-hero? - Games Radar's Prototype interview

Alex Mercer. An innocuous name if ever there was one. But, according to developer Radical Entertainment, when he makes his debut in Prototype next summer he's going to emerge from the shadows of obscurity as one of gaming's "darkest anti-heroes" and the "ultimate ass-kicking machine." Games Radar like him already.

Games Radar: We wrote that Mercer was going to make Gears of Wars' Marcus Fenix look like Mickey Mouse. Do you think that's a reasonable analogy?

Prototype's producer, Max Belanger: Prototype is a fantasy in the sense that no one in real life can do the things that Alex can. Slicing people with a chainsaw [like Fenix], I think you could do that. It's believable. But seeing your tendrils come out of your body and suck someone's DNA - I dare anyone to try and do that in real life.

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SpaceCowgirl4482d ago

The idea of the game sounds cool. But I must argue that sucking up DNA with some tendrils from your arm does not sound more awesome that slicing foes up with a chainsaw. Maybe what he really meant was saying was shooting forth razor sharp tentacles which would stab through your enemy and drain their life force before violently ripping their corpse to pieces or disposing of it in some other manner could beat a chainsaw.

MK_Red4482d ago

Well, I don't need GamesRadar to tell me this game is gonna rock but the "ultimate ass-kicking machine" was good.

Marceles4482d ago

...but it might turn into just another anti-hero game. I'll need to hear and more about it, for now it sounds like a third-person Darkness game in the day time.

Quickstrike4482d ago

Alex Mercer VS Jackie Estacado
Morpher vs the darkest, scarcest sh!t ever
Can die (i think) vs can be reborn via The Darkness "repairing" him