Critical Reception: Electronic Arts' FIFA Soccer 08

Over at Gamasutra, this week's edition of the regular Critical Reception column examines online reaction to FIFA Soccer 08, the newest entry in EA's long-running soccer series that critics claim is "a football game that's going to stick with you all season."

Soccer sim fans have placed EA's FIFA series and Konami's Winning Eleven: Pro Evolution Soccer in close proximity in recent years, with each side earning its share of devoted players. Many critics felt that last year's FIFA Soccer 07 lagged behind its competition, however, earning the title an average review score of 73 out of 100. This year's offering, FIFA Soccer 08, appears to fare a bit better, boasting a Metacritic-averaged rating of 83 out of 100.

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alfredoggy4485d ago

I know this thing came out yesterday, but is it in store yet????????????????

SacT0wnF1n3st4485d ago

It is in store right now. I'm gonna pick it up after school. I'm a big soccer fan and that's why of all the games such as Halo, Killzon, MGS4 this game is the one that I'm looking forward to play this game.

I also played the PES 07 demo and I didn't like it that much (I said I didn't like it not it sucks so...) I'm gonna stick to the Fifa frachise.

Cat4485d ago

pro evo is the better choice, but i say a choice isn't necessary -- buy both! ;)

mighty_douche4484d ago (Edited 4484d ago )

if only your were my landlord.

EDIT @ gtgcoolkid, no 100% sure mate but i know its early November everywhere else so it should be around then. only a few weeks dude.

gtgcoolkid4484d ago

By the way anyone know when its releasing in NA. I can't get a exact date.

TruthBTold4484d ago

Im getting FIFA since its out first but I will also get PES once it comes out. I love football that much. Both games seem like they will be fun as hell.

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brianodom4484d ago

have it sitting here on my desk at work, can't wait to clock out this afternoon :)

mighty_douche4484d ago


TruthBTold4484d ago

I wont have to run around finding it at a Gamestop or EB games. I will pick it up after work too. Hmmm. Barcelona all the way. Cant wait for the cup. Gotta train, the demo can only do so much for me. This will kepp me busy for a while. I'll see you all on the field.

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