HD DVD Claims Lead In Player Sales

Toshiba says standalone HD DVD players are once again outselling standalone Blu-ray players.

The company, which makes HD DVD players and is the leading supporter of the high-def disc format, is basing that claim on new research from NPD Group, according to Video Business.

Toshiba says HD DVD players began outselling Blu-ray set-tops in mid-September after several weeks of victories for Blu-ray.

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MrSwede4483d ago

To sum it up:

Standalone players: 53% HD-DVD, 44% Blu-Ray and 3% dual player.

tethered4483d ago (Edited 4483d ago )

9% lead?
Not much of a lead really.
I would think they would want to keep quiet with it being that close.

@ sak500
I'm just amazed they are calling this good news.
And not even including PS3's in the mix?
(I will be buying a 40 GB PS3 as a movie player for my living room soon because of the $400 price tag. I bet I'm not the only one)
I see no good news here for the HD-DVD camp.

Edit again:
@ sak500
I agree. They can say what they want.
It's all good man.

sak5004483d ago (Edited 4483d ago )

"I would think they would want to keep quiet with it being that close. "

yea they should keep quiet just like the BD camp right? /sarc

EDIT: @tethered: Did i say its good or bad news? I'm saying let them say whatever they want since BD has been giving us BS about death of HDDVD since one year. They can't seem to sit quiet so why not let the other side speak?

BrianC62344483d ago

Lets not talk about PS3 sales. Oops, Toshiba helped make the Cell processor which is inside the PS3. But don't talk about that Toshiba. Just talk up how standalone HD DVD players are outselling standalone Blu-ray players. Of course, if you want a Blu-ray player shouldn't you buy a PS3 so you also get things like gaming? Might as well go with the better value.

cuco334483d ago (Edited 4483d ago )

either on purpose or you are all blind.

"only 9% stand alone lead" and then you factor in that BD stand alones make up less than 10% of all BD players on the market (90+% are PS3s) yet the software sales figures show 1.5:1 lead for BD. Do you see how majority PS3 owners are not buying BD for movies?!

It's clear and simple. I ask this, if you are proBD, you better be buying BD movies otherwise you just described yourself as a fanboyistic troll..

To below:
You are the type that I like to hear from. I currently own 15 HD DVDs and rent a ton. I am in the market for a PS3 specifically for gaming and BD playback and plan to buy and rent just as many BDs. There is only a handful of PS3 owners unfortunately that actually buy into BD and you yourself have to admit that all software sales data the public knows about compared to all BD players (including PS3) shows that PS3 owners in general DON'T buy BD. I've got 1 PS3 buddy who owns just as many BD movies as I do but now has gone into renting only since he doesn't like the costs. He is also planning on picking up the add on for HD DVD. Then I have 2 other personal friends who have PS3s and rent BD using the PS3 mainly for gaming. They also said they won't buy a movie they can get for free or buy for 1/2 the price (SD DVD) as they see no major benefit to the extra cost. Of everyone I know those with an HD DVD player, including the add on, they all buy and rent HD DVDs. That is what I see. And like I've said numerous times, embrace both formats and consoles. They are here to stay but right now all of HDM makes less than 2% of all movie sales. Sadly it's the young minded PS3 fanboys who preach BS on the internet about their 'superior' format 'killing' the competition, which the real competition is DVD.

tethered4483d ago (Edited 4483d ago )

@ cuco33
I work with two other people that own a PS3 and none of us own a standalone Blu-ray. Between the three of us we have 14 Blu-ray movies.
(One of those guys has a 360 with an add on and he has a few HD-DVD movies too)

We all plan on getting more.

I'm just going by what I see in the real world because numbers on the net can be twisted.

BrianC62344483d ago

I buy Blu-ray movies. But I still mostly buy DVD. One thing I don't like is the Blu-ray version costs a lot and I can get a DVD movie with even more extras. How about putting everything on the Blu-ray/HD DVD discs? That would get me to switch now. If I'm buying a movie I don't want to see a DVD version with more extras than the Blu-ray version. I don't even have an HD TV yet anyway so it isn't that important yet. Eventually I will switch to Blu-ray though.

cuco334483d ago

You make no sense what so ever and fail at trying to make a made up point. You say you BUY BD movies but stick to DVD cuz of cost then say you'ld switch if HDM offered more features over the DVD counterparts where last I checked both BD and HD DVD (ESPECIALLY HD DVD) do offer more features. Then you go on and say THE #1 thing that spells failure in your post. YOU DON'T HAVE AN HDTV AND TALK ABOUT BD. WHAT'S THE POINT?!!? I laughed so hard my coworkers looked at me. Good job there buddy. Watch high def movies and play def gaming on a standard def TV.

You fail.

Thanks for playing.

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pwnsause4483d ago

too bad the PS3's dont count, oh wait...

cdzie14483d ago

Video Business: Sources have estimated that just 20% of PS3 owners have played movies on the machine.

jiggyjay4483d ago

Game Business: Sources have said that only 10% of PS3 owners actually play games on their console. The other 90% just use it as a dust collector and as a heater at night where they dream of actually playing games on their PS3!

That's official words PS3 fanboys!

tethered4483d ago

@ cdzie1
So in other words........
20% x 3,000,000 +/- (or however many PS3's are out there now) =
600,000 +/- people have used their PS3 to play movies.

Sounds to me like thats quite a high number.

BugEyedEarl4483d ago

Jiggyjay: Actually, that wouldn't work. I've had my PS3 on for about a week straight and it has yet to overheat, so I wouldn't imagine it would work well as a personal heating unit at night. On the other hand, since you've brought up only dreaming of being able to play games because one's console is only good as a heater, what's funny is that there are still people who bought Halo 3 on release day but have yet to actually be able to play it, between scratched disks and consoles suddenly dying mid-play.

BrianC62344483d ago

You have it all wrong. The 360 is the console with the heat problem. I can feel heat from my PS3 but I have to put my hand by the vent where the heat comes out. I guess I could put it at the foot of my bed and use it to warm my feet.

As for the dust collector, I bet the 360s are collecting even more dust as they sit in Microsoft's warehouse waiting to be repaired.

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Marty83704483d ago (Edited 4483d ago )

As PS3 supports Blu-ray playback. Blu-ray is winning hand down thx to PS3 sales. Toshiba are trying to spin HD DVD sales, which is dumb as HD DVD is dead.

Also are 360 HD DVD sales included? If so then this just shows Toshiba is in denial.

P L A Y B 3 Y O N D

Panthers4483d ago

Well seeing as most people who want a BluRay player would just get a PS3 (because it is still the best Blu-Ray player out there) It makes no sense not to include it.

Fan Tastic4483d ago

That's all this really says.

Cheap ass people who buy garbage players to get the 9 free movies then too cheap to buy the overpriced combo's.

Not a winning formula and it shows.

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