Nintendo done tooting its own horn, now it's your turn with

Nintendo are done talking about themselves, so they've come up with a new idea -- Exactly what it sounds like, the Web site is designed as a place where Wii owners can go and talk about how great their experience with the Wii has been. Nintendo's George Harrison thinks it's a great idea, and confirms that this is yet another way they company plans on tooting its own horn.

"Everyone's a gamer and every gamer has a Wii story to share," says Harrison. "We want all Wii owners to go to to further demonstrate the extent to which we have brought new players into the world of videogames."

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Shadow Flare4484d ago

I think you'll find most peoples wii stories will include the words 'don't play it anymore'

PS360WII4484d ago

If they are members of this website probably, but for the actual owners of the system it'll probably be pretty positive.