5 Viva Pinata images

Here are 5 images of Viva Pinata, it should occupy you guys while waiting for Xboxyde's long video from the game's presentation tomorrow or this week-end.

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Jay da 2KBalla5374d ago

Definite killer app in the making.

Shadow Flare5374d ago

AACHH ARGH COUGH COUGH... KCCCHHH...sorry, a killer-app in the making? if this is what qualifies as a killer-app for the 360 these days, then maybe i should show you a game called Metal Gear Solid 4

TheMART5373d ago

Oh you narrow minded fanboys, you'll see soon.

Viva Piniata is an original new exclusive, like others are, like Gears of War, Forza, Too Human, Lost World, Elevon and more.

If you still only come with the same old MGS story please go on and only read news items that are about that game.

This game is going to score major. Not only kids who will make their parents go mad to buy a 360 -because they will with the new TV program Viva Piniata, which gets the status of things like Teletubbies and so-, but also girls who like these kind of Sims game.

But it doesn't end there. It has some real innovative things and interesting gameplay that could even get hold of people that play Gears of War with a chainsawgun also.

Be aware of the most ignorant fanboy reaction given here. It is also called stupidity

Shadow Flare5373d ago

Listen, i have no problem with this being a good game. In fact it does look good and its different from anything i've seen. The problem i have is that jay said this was a killer app. Uh no. No matter how good this is, its never going to be killer app material. I mean Lemmings was a brilliant game in itself. Clever, different and its a classic game. But was it ever a killer app like Sonic the Hedgehog was? Viva's good, but its no killer app. Well maybe for the 360 it will be haha

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original seed5374d ago

Only people who have no idea what this is will bash it. The game videos look amazing. The graphics are beautiful. i just downloaded the animated shorts on Live and i loved every minute of it. It hints at alot of things that go on in the game. For example, the rare Pinatas in this game such as the Dragon and Unicorn one. It aslo hints on how to attract them to your garden. it also hints about pinata transformation and certain foods that do it.
Im really excited about this game as you can tell. My wife and i are going to fighting for 360 time this holiday season.

Monchichi0255373d ago

Remember the mass hysteria that Pokemon had when it came out? Well Viva Pinata is setting up to do the same thing. Imagine all those youngins pressuring there parents to buy them a X-Box 360 for Christmas!! and that is why this is a Killer App!!! Things are Not looking good for Sony.

Islandkiwi5373d ago

I downloaded the cartoon, and I did like it. I think kids will love it big time. Now I'm hoping Rare can pull off a great game.

Let's face it, Pokemon games often sucked. But this seems more Animal Crossing/Harvest Moon than Pokemon or Yu-Gi-Oh.