Star Wars: MovieBattles III Reveal Trailer

MB3 is a non-commercial (free), standalone game built with the Unreal Development Kit. What we have right now is pretty basic, but it's enough to get early feedback from the public.

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RedDead4564d ago (Edited 4564d ago )

looks like jedi knight series

I don't think they can Jezuz, it's non profit, at most Lucasarts can say is shut it down...I think

besides they deserve it for lack of BF3

Jezuz4564d ago

Hope they won't get sued


"Forgive Me Father 2" is coming to PC via Early Access on October 19th, 2023

"The Prague-based (Czech Republic) indie games publisher Fulqrum Publishing and Gdańsk-based (Poland) indie games developer Byte Barrel, are today super happy and excited to announce that their Lovecraftian horror FPS "Forgive Me Father 2",  is coming to PC via Early Access (through Steam, GOG, and EGS) on October 19th, 2023." - Jonas Ek, TGG.


Penny Blood September 2023 Update

This month's update for Penny Blood gave us a lengthy project diary, some image reveals, and a message about the soundwork for Penny Blood.

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“Ninja Kidz: Through Time” is now digitally and physically available for PC and consoles

"Publisher SelectaPlay is thrilled to announce that "Ninja Kidz:Time Masters", the official action-adventure game created by YouTube stars Ninja Kidz TV, is out now in physical format in the US and Canada for Nintendo Switch as well as worldwide in digital stores for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation and PC via Steam.

The digital release for Xbox consoles and physical PS5, and PS4 (US and Canada) will follow on 20th October." - SelectaPlay.