Microsoft Extinguishes Racing Wheel Fears

Back in August Microsoft announced that it was providing consumers with free retrofits to Xbox 360 racing wheels as a "precautionary measure" following some reports of malfunctioning peripherals.

More recently the company sent a message out over Xbox Live reiterating the potential safety issues associated with the product, leading to some speculation that the problem was more serious than first thought.

However, Microsoft has told Next-Gen that only a fraction of its Xbox 360 racing wheels carry any potential safety risks. The message sent out over Xbox Live was simply a way of reaching as wide an audience as possible and not indication of increasing concern relating to the safety of the product.

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funkysolo4488d ago

It seems like M$ products are piece of crap, when are you xbot going to realize and stop defending M$ about their faulty hardware

sgaap4488d ago

When there is an alternative system which brings me an equal or greater amount of fun. Wii and PS3 are not delivering on that for me.