Nintendo's Wii console captures new game market

The Guardian's US correspondent John Sterlicchi reports in an analysis:

Alpha mothers, pre-teen girls, senior citizens -- these are just three demographic groups that show Nintendo's success in diversifying its customer base that sales of its DS and Wii are leaving its main competitors Sony and Microsoft in the dust. Even as Nintendo's share price is reaching new heights and breaking records, [read the full article for figures,] analysts including Goldman Sachs believe there is still an upside and recommend a "buy".

Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter believes Wii Sports and the ease of Wii's controller have opened up video games to new demographics. Nintendo is also using Evite and MySpace to nurture the proliferating Wii parties, which started without input from the company. Nintendo is also dispatching "street teams" of Wii evangelists to events such as home shows and fitness expos and advertising in women's magazines to continue to broaden Wii's appeal.

Pachter two seven-year-old daughters who are raising dogs on their DS, and he is astounded by his wife's conversion to video games. "I know before the girls got Nintendo Dogs, my wife had never played a video game in her life and she was completely opposed on moral and educational grounds to my kids even picking up a DS. Now she thinks it is the cutest thing she has ever seen."

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purin4028d ago

It is changing gaming for the better
I'm very happy with my purchase of the Wii

cheetorb4028d ago

I'm glad Nintendo is making games for my mom, sister, and grandma, now they can leave me alone while I play with my PS3. Maybe after they make millions off of these people, they will make games Nintendo fans actually like again.

ItsDubC4028d ago

Foreal, Smash Bros Brawl? Lame. Mario Galaxy? Lame. Monster Hunter 3? Lame.

/end sarcasm

djt234028d ago

It is changing gaming for the better