The 10 Most Violent Video Games Ever to Hit the Market

John from NAGF writes: "Weeee, the new Mortal Kombat’s coming out soon! So it’s time for us at NAGF to declare the bleedin’ obvious, and do a top ten of what we consider to be the most violent video games ever released into an unsuspecting, innocent market.

"Of course there’s more than ten out there, but it’s late on a Saturday night and these are the ones that stick in our minds the most. And hey, sticking in our minds means that their respective developers have done their job properly, creating something horrible and disturbing that sticks in our brains like a splinter until the day we die a gruesome death ourselves…"

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kyl2773122d ago

What about Kirby? Your whole existence is to consume others.

theonlylolking3122d ago

Yup, consume others for your own good. Yet kirby has yet to be bashed by crazies.

ATiElite3122d ago

Nah i would put Super Mario Brothers ahead of Kirby.

what is it like 13 stages of Mario using Steroids and Mushrooms, going into a Hallucinogenic Roid Rage and beating the shit out of defenseless animals. I'm surprised P.E.T.A. hasn't protest against Mario.

undercovrr3122d ago

LMAO i haven't thought of that. Good one :D

Ddouble3122d ago

What about Pokemon? Beating up random animals with your trained ones then storing it in a ball only to release it to fight other animals.

ATiElite3122d ago

lol @ Ddouble

Pokemon...yeh that's too funny. Ash ketchum is the Michael Vick of video games.

jmmurillo863122d ago

Let me suggest some more:

Cardinal Syn
Condemned series
Dead Space series
Fallout series
GTA series

NotAGF3122d ago

Dead Space and GTA were considered, but Dead Space is violence against aliens whilst you can choose to be excessively violent in GTA. The ones we chose required violence as an absolute perquisite.

trainsinrdr3122d ago

wtf wheres littlebigplanet?

Cajun Chicken3122d ago

Postal 1 but not Postal 2?...Pure amazement!

NotAGF3122d ago

Postal 1 for the sheer shock value it caused within the industry! Postal 2's more 'comedy'.

Dac2u3122d ago

The Immortal for the Genesis was the goriest game you could find back in its time. There were so many gruesome ways to die, I remember Nintendo Power running ads highlighting them all in their magazine for the Nintendo version. Then during fights there were different ways to kill your enemies. You could decapitate, electrocute, slice them in half.... lengthwise and make their heads explode. All before the Mortal Kombat brouhaha. The Immortal is a great game, but hard as hell to beat.

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The story is too old to be commented.