Official Crysis Graphical Settings Comparison

What does Crysis look like on low settings? That's a question which has been asked for a long time. Finally today, we get an official comparison between the 4 major graphical setting presets:

"In addition to the Crysis system requirements we have released yesterday evening, we would like to provide you with some ingame screenshots of a Crysis level. They show the different detail settings of the game, beginning from low up to very high. This should give you a good overview what graphic quality you can expect on your system."

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mighty_douche4483d ago (Edited 4483d ago )

luckily for me tho ill be running at very high :)

Kleptic4483d ago

I don't know man...that lowest setting with no light source (no sun?)...looks extremely typical and actually looks less impressive to me than the original Far Cry...

I wonder how much of the physics is implemented on the lowest setting...if all the cool stuff stays in, I guess its ok...but the lighting system in this game is just as awesome, and just as important to the visuals...

I feel for the dude stuck playing it on that setting...I have the processor, but my notebook's GMA 950 wouldn't even run the game on the lowest setting I would caps out Doom 3 at like 20 fps...

zonetrooper54483d ago

If I do get this on the PC, I reckon I could run it on medium settings at least. Although my Pentium 4 will let me down a bit.

NRG4483d ago

You need the fastest of Pentium 4's to play it on the absolute lowest settings.

Kleptic4483d ago

yeah there was an article about single core processors and Crysis earlier in the which Crytek was one of the first developers to start from the ground up on parallel processing for the PC...meaning the game was never meant to be even acceptable on a single core cpu...something along the lines of "it will play acceptably on a single core AMD or Pentium with a high enough clock speed, but no matter what will never be the experience we intended"...iirc

HateBoy4483d ago

Lol, flick back and forth between low and very high, its insane.

Samer3054483d ago

Man that very high settings blows my mind on how good graphics can look. Just look at the rocks they are built from the ground up not just a meshed up picture like in high,medium,low settings but you would need a real beastly computer to play this game on very high settings.

mirroredderorrim4483d ago

Now THIS is what next generation gaming looks like, people. Take note, a mental one.

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