The Wheelman Trailer.

Here's the first trailer for the game "The Wheelman" Made by Midway.

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PS3 Ultimate5375d ago

But I want to see the gameplay. I know that the PS3 version SHOULD have better gameplay mechanics.

Gh0stDrag0n5375d ago

You don't know anything, fanboy.

KoolMan5374d ago

vin diesel would kick a$$ dont metter what console it is, plus ill be getting a ps3 cuz i own the 360 so no prob for me.

Wuz Ranger5373d ago

Dude...if you click on the link...this is a PS3 video of Wheelman. Get this crap out of here. I respect what the PS3 can do but I like the Xbox360 better. Can someone move this junk of a video to the PS3 side?