First screens of FF CC: The Little King and the Country of Promise

During today's Nintendo conference Square Enix has announced a new Nintendo Wii title called Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Little King and The Country of Promise. It is a Wii Ware title that will be available for download for 1500 Wii points. The game follows the storyline of the original Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles.

It is scheduled for release in Japan on March, 2008.

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cooke154117d ago

Holy crap! This is a downloadable game???

ItsDubC4117d ago

VERY nice. I've never boughten a Wii Points card but for 1500 Wii points I don't think I'll be able to pass this one up.

Brainiac 84117d ago

That this game and some of the others announced pretty much confirms that they'll end up supporting a seperate hard drive soon. This looks too good to be able to fit on the Wii's internal memory.