Nintendo to Ramp-Up Wii Online Strategy

Nintendo has announced that it will offer demos of Wii titles for download in a bid to challenge Microsoft's Xbox Live and Sony's PlayStation Store offerings.

Nintendo will work with major fixed-line operatorts to help increase the Wii's online capabilities, while establishing a call centre primarily aimed at helping consumers hook their Wii consoles up to the Internet.

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JosefTor4491d ago

Very nice. It is great to see some more competition in the online offerings of console makers. This is a big and necessary step for the big N.

DZNetworks4491d ago

Yay! Now you can all play carnival games on line together!

ManOnFire4491d ago

While I did'nt know if Nintendo would ever offer demos I am glad they have decided to go this route. It will be a great thing for 3rd parties too. The only question I have about download demos is the Wii on board memory and if it will be big enough or not ? Maybe Wii will get a usb external HDD down the road to help hold all those VC games and demo's.

DZNetworks4491d ago

According to the article the "software" IE, DEMOS which are FREE on XBOX LIVE and the Playstation Store will be offered at LOW COST... WTF.. NO free demos? This blows.

Kholinar4491d ago

I think we might be getting bad translations. This press event has taken a lot of people by surprise. Several things sound fishy. Give it some time.


just wondering, where should we get the storage space for the demos? and pay got demo? blast....

firstworldman4491d ago

I think they're just taking about WiiWare.

Kwertie4491d ago

It might be that this most recent update also added USB storage support, but I have nothing to confirm that with. It was definately on the cards, and it seems logical now since they are announcing 2 new channels, a load of WiiWare games and demos. Even if they didn't there's always 2GB SD cards.

Thank God Nintendo are finally getting their online together. All I need is a headset and I'll be happy. Playing online with no contact with someone is just like playing against a CPU.

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